New Deputy of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to Boost Wisnus, the Quality Tourists


Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) already has a new deputy marketing. He was asked to boost the movement of domestic tourists to billions of people and add quality foreign tourists.

The newly appointed deputy for marketing at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is Ni Made Ayu Marthini. To reporters, he admitted that he could not work alone in achieving the target.

“I think it was clear that the minister’s direction was in directing us about what targets should be carried out or given a mandate to us,” said Ayu.

“For domestic tourists, there are currently post-Covid and international uncertainties, domestic has great potential. There were special targets. So we will collaborate,” he added.

“Because it is impossible for marketing or marketing to work alone, there must be internal collaboration at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and externally with other ministries in order to achieve these targets,” he said again.

New Deputy of KemenparekrafNi Made Ayu Marthini (Photo: Ahmad Masaul Khoiri/detikcom)

Ayu seemed to know her capabilities by saying that Indonesia was awarded as the most beautiful country. Therefore, his party will use it well so that it can attract many quality foreign tourists.

“Then inflame a good image of Indonesia, right. So we have become the most beautiful country in the world, right, so how can this potential be utilized properly. So tourists come,” he said.

“Now we have to get quality tourists, right. So quality over quantityhe added.

“So there are three things, the day he spends in Indonesia, the time he stays, and the amount. So how about quality tourism. For that, the ministry always echoes it, right? sustainability and green. So some of those things will be the task in the future,” he said again.

Furthermore, he also wants to promote Indonesia effectively both abroad and domestically. Without reducing empathy for the tragedy of football in Malang, Ayu wants us all to learn a lesson because sport tourism is also Indonesia’s mainstay.

“This incident is a tragedy and we are all very sad to hear it, condolences to the victims. But in every incident there must be lessons to be learned, things to be learned. Hopefully with this we can improve further as directed by the president,” he said.

“Yes, sports tourism was one of them. Image is very important to maintain, hopefully in the future we can do better for this,” he added.

“But in other sports, it’s good, right. It has also become one of the mainstays of our water-based tourism world, diving and surfing, all kinds of things can still be promoted,” explained Ayu.

New Deputy of KemenparekrafMartini Mohamad Paham (Photo: Ahmad Masaul Khoiri/detikcom)

Meanwhile, the new deputy for resources and institutions at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Martini Mohamad Paham, said that human resources are important. He said he would put forward concrete action.

“HR is the key to increasing community capacity in the tourism sector. The message to continue the MOU is not just a ceremonial signature but followed by an action plan with more concrete activations and this requires stronger pentahelix cooperation,” he said.

“We hope that what is done in this field can help close coordination between the deputies. Because we are the foundation that will be continued by other deputies as well as the locomotive for the development of Indonesia’s creative economy,” added Martini.

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