Nyepur and Gowes Seli: Hurry up, Booster, eh, it turns out to be at the train station


Apparently, you can get a booster at the train station. In fact, you don’t need an antigen to get on the train after the booster is there.

Preparation is the key to success. I just picked it up from the words of wisdom that abound in cyberspace.

Referring to that sentence before the long-distance train, I went to the Jatiasih Bekasi Health Center. The goal is to find a third dose of booster vaccine.

Done! Within minutes of registering, AstraZaneca penetrated the body, complementing the two Sinovac that had resided previously.

The next day, Wednesday (13/4) I was confident, as usual, riding a folding bicycle to Bekasi Station. Unfortunately, the third vaccination was not read in the PeduliLindung application.

According to the travel requirements of KAI passengers, they are forced to equip themselves with negative Covid-19 antigens because they are considered to have only been vaccinated twice.

“Actually, if you haven’t been Booster, you don’t even need an antigen,” said the officer during boarding.

“It means?” I asked in surprise.

“You can directly booster at this station, hehehe,” he said then chuckled while pointing at the Vaccine Counter near the old south gate of Bekasi Station.

Apparently queues do not occur when vaccines are in health facilities, but rather on the data input process that seems to be waiting to be collected quite a lot first to the application, hihihi….

The reality of life is sometimes bitter, not as beautiful as a string of pearls of words. So as not to blame the quote at the beginning which has proven to work for a lot of people, I looked for more valid sources.

The result, instead met from the tennis court, the world that I was involved in. US tennis legend Arthur Ashe said one important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.

After all, if you are used to being confident, even without preparation, you should also be desperate to come directly to the station before the trip.

So the problem is not in preparation, but in lack of confidence so that they have to pay extra for an antigen test. Hahaha….

With terms and conditions in effect, travelers aka travelers have relief in carrying out the fasting worship of Ramadan.

However, of course not for a trip that is intended as an activity to pass the time while waiting for the time to break the fast like what I did from Bekasi Station, Wednesday (13/4) this morning.

The economy sleeper Serayu train is the right choice for travelers who aim to go to ngabuburit. Can glondang-glundung lying on the bench which is mostly empty.

You can also look out the window, be grateful for the gift of God, the Creator of the Universe, in the form of the natural beauty of Pasundan, which in the jokes of Cleric MAW Brouwer, was created when God smiled along the way.

Towards Maghrib, I stopped at Ciamis Station and found the ideal location for iftar: Zorojoy Fish Grill Saung on Jalan Panamun, only two km from the station.

Gowes seliGowes seli to Ciamis (Dwi Ari Setyadi for detikcom)

A serene ifthar in an orange twilight umbrella.

After breaking the fast, worldly culinary delights returned, circling the Ciamis square, which had returned to being boisterous after the pandemic. It ended with a late night chat with Kang Pendi, the owner of Cikajang-2 Corn Grill. A portrait of the tenacity of an independent entrepreneur, full of acid and salt from overseas until he resides quietly, living in his homeland, at the foot of Mount Galunggung.

“Alhamdulillah, the big one has served at the Karawang Police. The result of this roasted corn business,” said Kang Pendi cheerfully, regarding the eldest of his three children.

When he was cleaning up his stall, I tiptoed to the station to intercept the Kahuripan train heading to Solo.

A portion of Chicken Skin Egg Omelet Rice and a glass of premium tea a la Reska became my first sahur menu on the train, this Ramadan.

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