Nyusss! The Restoration of Yamaha Alfa in Sukoharjo Spends Rp. 25 Million


Trend of two stroke motor (two-stroke engine) currently makes motorcycle lovers still vying for it. The original condition is a dream for hobbyists and collectors of this smoky motorcycle.

One of the most ogled two-stroke motorcycles is the first Yamaha Alfa in 1988.

It’s just that, with a relatively young age, it’s certainly not an easy thing to get the motorbike in good condition full original.

This is what makes restoration an alternative for those who want to have an old motorbike that looks like it just came out of the dealership.

Like the restoration carried out by a resident of Sukoharjo, Nanang Wahyu K.

The man who is familiarly called Tian NK is even willing to spend a lot of money to return the Yamaha Alfa motorcycle issued in 88 to full original.

“This is the first generation Alfa that I restored with the concept back to original. So everything is returned to the original,” said Tian to secondsCentral JavaSaturday (4/6/2022).

Tian said, it is not an easy job to restore the condition of a motorbike that is more than 30 years old.

Lots spare parts which of course is hard to find in the market.

“Even if there is, the price is also not like the price on the market. And partIt’s hard to get because it’s no longer produced, so you have to order and hunt,” he said.

A number of part which are hard to find in the market and rare like body parts blue assy original dan shock breaker blue back.

“Assy seats, ankle alpha body cables, original box mirrors which are quite high in price. Expensive knick-knacks, bro, coils, chrome stirrups, speedometer, assy seats,” he said.

“90 percent I use genuine Yamaha parts, then for the oven paint frame, crankcase machine done vapor blast,” he explained.

High price parts This makes the cost of restoration also not kidding, which reached Rp. 25 million.

The total process is 3 months, starting from the search process part to the assembly process.

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