Often Runs First in Front, Quartararo’s Racing Style Is Similar to Lorenzo


Fabio Quartararo is considered to have a racing style similar to Yamaha legend, Jorge Lorenzo. The problem is that Quartararo often runs first when he is in the front position. The opponent will find it difficult to catch up, thus creating a large enough time gap.

At least it can be seen from the 3 victories Quartararo got after the 2022 MotoGP run 10 series. For example in Portugal, Quartararo finished first with a distance of 5 seconds, then in Catalunya he finished first with a difference of 6 seconds, and in Germany he won with a 4 second advantage.

Former Yamaha rider Jorge Lorenzo was impressed with what Quartararo had done with Yamaha so far. According to Lorenzo, the position of the French rider is now as important as when Stoner raced for Ducati and Marquez on the Repsol Honda team.

Jorge Lorenzo Photo: Instagram @JorgeLorenzo99

“Quartararo reminds me a little bit when (Casey) Stoner won with Ducati and the other riders were far behind or Marquez with Honda,” said Lorenzo. MotosanThursday (23/6/2022).

Furthermore, Lorenzo also believes that Quartararo has a similar racing style to himself when he coached Yamaha in the past. Some of its characteristics are, racing with a smooth style like butter (butter) and rhythmic like a hammer (hammer). This butter hammer racing style was coined by Lorenzo for 9 years of racing with Yamaha.

“At least, I’m always in the first three positions every season. There Yamaha is very competitive except in 2011 where we suffered a lot because of Honda,” continued Lorenzo.

“The Yamaha in my day was a winning bike with two riders and now there is a lot of difference between the two factory riders,” commented Lorenzo about the lackluster performances of Franco Morbidelli’s M1 and Quartararo.

“He (Quartararo) went very straight and smooth, without skidding, with very precise handling. He often got off the bike, like I did, and most importantly, he made no mistakes. When he had to finish second, he did it. and take points,” said the driver nicknamed Por Fuera.