On Stay Cranked! This 44-Year-Old Yamaha Motorcycle is Still in Production


The Yamaha SR400 is a classic 400 cc single cylinder motorcycle that has been in production since its launch in 1978. Now celebrating its 44th anniversary, the limited edition Yamaha SR400 has been released in Thailand.

Indeed, the fate of the Yamaha SR400 has ended in Japan. In March 2021, the Yamaha SR400 Final Edition was introduced as a sign of the end of this classic motorcycle in the land of Sakura.

Quoted by Youngmachine, Monday (12/9/2022) the fate of the Yamaha SR400 collided with emission regulation issues in Japan so that production did not continue. Yamaha SR400 Final Edition was launched.

Although finished in Japan, Yamaha SR400 continues to give birth to new lovers. It is proven that Thailand introduced the Yamaha SR400 Black Gold Edition, which amounts to only 400 units worldwide.

One of the reasons the Yamaha SR400 is still made in Thailand is because exhaust regulations are less stringent than in Japan. Even Youngmachine said that if the Thai Yamaha SR400 was brought to Japan on parallel imports, it would be impossible to register it as a motorcycle that can be ridden on public roads.

In appearance this Black Gold color is the color of the first generation Yamaha SR400. This is a form of celebration of the 44th anniversary of the Yamaha SR400 paving the streets.

The Yamaha SR400 model is still maintained with the main lights, turn signal, all-round speedometer. Don’t forget the use of chrome accents starting from the fenders, speedometer, spoke wheels, mirrors, to dual shockbreakers.

Yamaha SR400 Black Gold Edition in Thailand Photo: Yamaha Thailand

In general, the look of the Yamaha SR400 is not much different from the 1978 production. The frame area uses a half-duplex cradle but the engine no longer breathes using a single carburetor, now uses an electronic injection system.

Interestingly, although the Yamaha SR400 has undergone a refresh from the injection system, the manufacturer bearing the tuning fork still uses a kick starter or cranked through the side of the motor to turn it on. Speedometers and tachometers are still using the same simple wiring operation as the original seventies.

From the kitchen sector, the Thai spec Yamaha SR400 is sold with an engine capacity of 399 cc SOHC, two valves, four stroke with a compression ratio of 8.5:1. On paper, it can produce 23.2 PS of power at 6,500 rpm and 27.4 Nm of torque at 3,000 rpm.

A total of 400 units of the Yamaha SR400 Black Gold Edition will be produced in Thailand. While the price is recommended starting from 309,000 Baht or around Rp. 126 million.

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