Other Airlines Busy Opening Homecoming Routes, Citilink Has Extra Flights


A number of airlines are competing to open new flight routes for going home. However, Citilink didn’t do it.

If we look further, the easing of going home this year has given a breath of fresh air to airlines in this country. Even so, Citilink only adds flights on its best routes.

“During this peak season, we provide 567 thousand for around 3,214 flights. We also add extra flights of around 164 flights for routes that are in high demand,” said VP Corporate Secretary & CSR, PT Citilink Indonesia, Diah Suryani, Thursday (21/21). 4/2022).

“Such as flights to Denpasar, Jogja, Solo, Labuan Bajo, Padang, Malang, Bengkulu. Those are the routes with high demand. extra flighthe added.

VP Corporate Secretary & CSR, PT Citilink Indonesia, Diah SuryaniVP Corporate Secretary & CSR, PT Citilink Indonesia, Diah Suryani (Photo: Ahmad Masaul Khoiri/detikcom)

Diah said, until now Citilink’s aircraft occupancy rate continues to move and has reached 75 percent. He also believes that bookings during the peak holiday period will be close to 100%.

“Maybe in the future, if we look at the booking pattern, we can see it. We hope that the peak season from April 25 to May 10 will show a very good increase. We hope that it will be above 75 percent,” Diah explained.

Furthermore, the number of Citilink aircraft is limited >>>