Price List of Cheap Matic Motorcycles for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki: Starting from IDR 17 million


Motor matic is now the main choice of Indonesian consumers because it is easy to operate and can transport a lot of goods. There are various models of automatic motorcycles on the market. The cheapest is priced starting at IDR 17 million. What are the options?

Three major Japanese manufacturers in Indonesia: Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki have many product lines of scooters with 110 cc to 125 cc engines. The Honda brand has BEAT series, Genio series, Scoopy series, and Vario 125 series.

Honda Beat Photo: Astra Honda Motor

While Yamaha has the Mio S, Fino series, Mio M3 series, X-Ride, Freego series, Gear series, and Fazzio Hybrid Connected series. Continue to the Suzuki model, have a choice of Address and Nex II scooters.

The price of the cheapest automatic motorbike in the entry level segment falls on the Yamaha Mio S model which is sold for Rp. 17,050,000. While the most expensive model is the Yamaha Freego S ABS Version with a tag of Rp. 23,920,000.

Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Connected is the first motorcycle in the 125 cc class that carries hybrid technology.Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Connected Photo: Rifkianto Nugroho

The following is a list of prices for entry-level scooters for Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki in August 2022, quoted from the official pages of each manufacturer:


CBS BEAT: IDR 17,620,000
BEAT Street: IDR 18,276,000
BEAT CBS ISS: IDR 18,326,000
Beat Deluxe: IDR 18,472,000

Genio CBS: IDR 18,880,000
Genio CBS-ISS: IDR 19,475,000

Scoopy Fashion: IDR 21,353,000
Scoopy Sporty: IDR 21,353,000
Scoopy Prestige: IDR 22,115,000
Stylish Scoopy: IDR 22,115,000

Vario 125 CBS: IDR 22.009.000
Vario 125 CBS-ISS: IDR 22,920,000
Vario 125 CBS-ISS Special Color: Rp 23,081,000


Mio S: IDR 17,050,000

Fino Premium: IDR 19,585,000
Fino Grande: IDR 20,725,000

Mio M3: IDR 17,135,000
Mio M3 AKS SSS: Rp 17,270,000

X-Ride: IDR 19,400,000

Freego: IDR 19,965,000
Freego S Version: IDR 21,520,000
Freego S ABS Version: Rp 23.920.000

Gear 125 Standard Version: IDR 17,735,000
Gear 125 S Version: Rp 18,450,000

Fazzio Neo: IDR 21,890,000
Fazzio Lux: IDR 22,190,000


Address Playful: Rp. 19,492,000

Standard FI Address: IDR 18,913,000
Address FI Predator Series: Rp 19,341,000

Nex II Crossover: IDR 19,695,000

Nex II Standard: IDR 18,081,000
Nex II Elegant: IDR 18,081,000
Nex II Elegant Premium: IDR 18,636,000
Nex II Fancy Dynamic: IDR 18,888,000

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