Proof of Yamaha’s Seriousness in Delivering Autonomous Technology


The news that Yamaha is developing an autonomous motorbike, aka a motorbike that can drive itself, is not new news anymore. But now we can be sure, Yamaha is getting more serious about developing the autonomous motorcycle technology by adding some advanced technology that can pamper motorcycle riders more.

According to visordown, Yamaha has made another big investment in Tier IV Inc. This investment by Yamaha is the third time that Yamaha and Tier IV Inc announced their collaboration to produce autonomous technology in 2019.

Tier IV is explained to be responsible for producing Autoware, an autonomous driving operating system (OS) technology, to be able to truly produce autonomous technology on motorcycles.

However, Yamaha is not alone in investing in Tier IV. Bridgestone reportedly also invested in up to 12.1 billion yen, to be able to support the birth of autonomous motors.

Yamaha Motoroid Photo: Pool (Tokyo Motor Show)

If you look at the development of Yamaha’s autonomous technology, this Japanese motorcycle manufacturer has introduced MOTOROID, which is an autonomous technology that is able to drive itself following the owner’s orders. Even more great YAMAHA MOTOROiD is also equipped with facial recognition technology, as well as technology that allows the motorcycle to drive backwards automatically like a car.

However, when viewed from the current autonomous motorcycle competition, Honda has also introduced technology similar to Yamaha, namely Honda Riding Assist-e at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

Honda’s technology cannot be underestimated, because Honda has succeeded in producing a unique technology, which is able to make the motorcycle so balanced, has robotic technology that is able to follow the rider.

Because it has perfect balance, this bike no longer requires a support to be able to stand perfectly. Because this motorbike can stand perfectly and can even drive by itself without a rider. Honda strongly believes, this bike will be increasingly popular in 2030.

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