Quartararo is as fast as Bagnaia in Mugello, but…


Rider Yamaha, Fabio Quartararofeeling the speed is equivalent to Francesco Bagnaia in Italian MotoGP 2022. El Diablo is quite satisfied with the achievement of the second podium.

While undergoing the race at the Mugello Circuit, Sunday (29/5/2022), Quartararo took the runner-up position. He devoured 23 laps with a time of 41 minutes 19.558 seconds.

Quartararo lost 0.635 seconds quickly to the winner Pecco. The Italian MotoGP podium 2022 is completed by Aleix Espargaro.

In MotoGP site records, the average speed Quartararo with Bagnaia equivalent when devouring 23 laps. They recorded 171 kilometers/hour.

“At Jerez I couldn’t do anything against Pecco, our pace is equal here,” Quartararo said at Speedweek.

“He was faster in one sector, I was in another. I couldn’t catch up with him. But I was trailed by Aleix and the others behind me, so I had to keep my foot on the gas.”

“I didn’t even look at the pit board. I knew that if I could keep following Pecco, I would still be ahead of the other riders,” added the French rider.

With a good result in the Italian MotoGP, Quartararo still topped the 2022 MotoGP standings. He collected as many as 122 points, eight points away from Aleix Espargaro in second place.

MotoGP 2022 will continue again this weekend. The Catalunya MotoGP race will be held on May 5, 2022.