Quartararo: Mediocre Yamaha Motorbike!


Fabio Quartararo pessimistic that the 2023 MotoGP world title can be won by Yamaha. The French rider explained that the potential of the YZR-M1 2023 actually feels mediocre, nothing special!

The complaints of the 2021 MotoGP world champion are not mere figments. In the post-season test session which was held at the Ricardo Tomo Circuit, Spain, Quartararo was unable to break into the top 5 using the 2023 YZR-M1.

El Diablo devoured 92 rounds with the best record time of 1 minute 30.578 seconds. 0.546 seconds difference from the fastest racer, Luca Marini. Based on these results, Quartararo is in 8th position among the 23 riders who took the test.

“We don’t have the potential to fight for the title,” said Quartararo quoted from Motosan.es, Tuesday (22/11/2022).

“Something went wrong. We felt the engine was better when we tested it at the start of the season. And there’s no way we don’t feel any improvement here,” he added.

Yes, Quartararo was excited when he tried the YZR-M1 2023 during the Misano test session last September 2022. Yamaha is said to have fulfilled a promise for Quartararo so that he could increase his power and top speed.

During the Misano test session, Quartararo achieved a Yamaha top speed of 298.3 km/hour. While the highest top speed is held by Ducati, Jorge Martin can drive up to 300 km/hour. Meanwhile, the other Borgo Panigale Riders lost top speed to Quartararo, Bagnaia, for example, 297.5 km/hour, and Enea Bastianini 297.5 km/hour.

Either in yesterday’s Valencia test session, Quartararo was even worried about the performance of the YZR-M1 2023.

“This machine should have more power than we tested in Barcelona and Misano. Now we are in exactly the same situation as this season,” lamented El Diablo.

“With the machines we tested in Barcelona or Misano, yes, we can hold Ducati on the straight. But here, with what has happened, our potential is very mediocre. After all, I am not an engineer. My job is to bring out the best from my team, as I have done this year and in this test session,” concluded the pilot.

Monster Yamaha team director, Massimo Meregalli, said that something was wrong with the M1 2023 prototype. Because in a closed test conducted by test rider Cal Crutchlow at the Jerez Circuit last October, the M1 2023 engine was felt to have improved, albeit slightly.

“The same specification (bike) (has been) tested at Jerez by Cal (Crutchlow) and he said the engine (is more powerful) and maybe a bit more aggressive,” Meregalli told the MotoGP website.

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