Quartararo will be Marquez’s competitor in the next few years


Fabio Quartararo managed to win the 2021 MotoGP while at the same time quenching the thirst of Yamaha, which had been fasting for 5 years. Quartararo, who has appeared very impressive this season, is believed to continue his performance like that next season. Yamaha bosses say that Quartararo will be Marc Marquez’s main competitor in the race for the MotoGP world title in the next few years.

As stated by the Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Racing, Lin Jarvis, Quartararo has succeeded in repaying the trust that Yamaha has given him. At a young age, El Diablo can cope with great pressure, by showing consistent performance throughout the racing season this year.

“You never know how a driver’s career can develop. He (Quartararo) is still young at only 22 years old. Marc (Marquez) has dominated so much for the last 10 years in different categories and now he has complications from the injury, but we have to congratulate him. to him for his achievements at Misano,” said Jarvis, quoted from Motosan.

“We didn’t expect him (Marquez) to win here (Misano). We think he can get on the podium and he has won three races this year, so he is still a threat and he will be back next year. I think Fabio will be rival for the next few years. And I hope he (Quartararo) will be with Yamaha for many years (in the future),” continued Jarvis.

Marc Marquez and Fabio Quartararo Photo: Instagram @marcmarquez93

Jarvis also explained some of Quartararo’s advantages over other Yamaha riders. Jarvis said that the French rider had a positive spirit and character. Quartararo can also work very well with the team. Apart from those three things, Quartararo’s advantage is of course his talent.

“When I was in CEV a few years ago, I saw that talent and it didn’t go away. And we have been able to verify it this year. Last year he did very well (with the Yamaha satellite team). And this year, where the bike is good and his team is good, he has shown his full potential.”

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