Razlan Razali Racing Team Troubled: Continue with Yamaha or Join Aprilia


The WithU Yamaha RNF MotoGP racing team is in turmoil, because its contract with Yamaha will expire this season. On the other hand, they are also undecided between waiting for a new contract or choosing to join Aprilia.

One of the reasons why Yamaha is thinking about extending its contract with WithU is in terms of performance on the track. You see, the appearance of two riders from the Yamaha satellite team this season is indeed less promising.

Andrea Dovizioso was only able to get 8 points, his best achievement was finishing in 11th position when appearing in the Portuguese MotoGP series. His teammate, Darryn Binder, had more unfortunate fate. The South African rider has only collected 6 points, where he won when he finished 10th in the Mandalika MotoGP.

Now, the two riders are at the bottom of the 2022 MotoGP standings. Dovizioso is in 20th place, while Binder is below him, which is 21st.

WithU Yamaha RNF racing team Photo: Yamaha

Seeing the performance of the two riders made the WithU Yamaha RNF boss, Razlan Razali, feel disappointed. This makes Razlan worried if Yamaha really will not renew the contract with his racing team.

However, recently there has been news that Razlan had had talks with Aprilia. This gave rise to rumors that the racing team would join Aprilia and become a satellite team.

However, Razlan still prioritizes the offers that come from Yamaha first. If a new contract is not offered, Razlan will look for offers from other teams with the best options.

“We as a new team obviously want to continue with Yamaha. It’s not in our concept to change the manufacturer after one year,” said Razlan quoted from Tuttomotoriweb.

Razlan did not dismiss the news that he had spoken with Aprilia some time ago. However, the man from Malaysia revealed that talks with Aprilia were a ‘backup plan’ if Yamaha was reluctant to extend the contract with the WithU racing team.

“I also need to look for a backup plan. We are not worried, if Yamaha gives us an offer that we think we are not satisfied with, we at least have other options,” explained Razlan.

“We also think about the type of rider we want. But it depends on whether we continue with Yamaha or not,” he said.