Regent of Lebak, please improve access to remote areas of Kasepuhan Cisitu


The Kasepuhan Cisitu Indigenous Community in Cibeber District, South Lebak, Banten asked the Regent to pay attention to road access to remote areas. The reason is that the access road to the customary area is badly damaged.

This was conveyed by the Kasepuhan community when holding the Seren Taun traditional ceremony. The head of the Cisiitu Kasepuhan Customary Council, Yoyo Yohenda, said that the damaged road conditions made it difficult for community activities.

“Yes, so it’s not just the people here, most of the people who want to come from outside are constrained by inadequate infrastructure,” said Yoyo to the media crew at the location, Monday (15/8/2022).

According to him, the majority of people are farmers. Agricultural products will be sold outside the village, therefore adequate road access is needed by the community.

“The people of Cisitu are more likely to go to Sukabumi for their economic activities, the same goes for treatment. Because the access there is faster than if you have to go to the Malimping Hospital which has to take about 3 hours. That’s why we need the infrastructure,” he asked.

Yoyo said, Kasepuhan Cisitu was established in 1621 and is well known to the public. Various arts such as debus, jaipongan, traditional ceremonies of seren taun and beautiful natural scenery are the main attractions of this area.

Yoyo also hopes that the Lebak Regency Government can provide solutions to the problems that exist in the area.

“Hopefully in the future, district or provincial governments can improve road infrastructure. We hope that in the future, this customary area can become a conservation tourism. Hopefully, it will get support from various parties,” he hoped.

A damaged road leading to remote areas of Kasepuhan Cisitu in Lebak, BantenDamaged road leading to remote areas of Kasepuhan Cisitu in Lebak, Banten Photo: Fathul Rizkoh/detikcom

In the same location, Lebak Regent Iti Oktavia Jayabaya admitted that he would handle the road access to Kasepuhan Cisitu. Handling is not easy because the terrain to the location is in the hills.

A thorough assessment, said Iti, must be done. After that, the relevant agencies will budget for road repairs.

“Handling a little bit, one of which is a bridge. It’s not that we ignore it, we divide this very limited portion of the budget with a priority scale, indeed all priority scales but right now there were mandatory ones that couldn’t be ruled out that we inevitably have to budget for. That’s why we gradually, bridges, irrigation, roads,” said Iti.

“We have studied that this area cannot be hotbed because the plateau is high enough if the rain will erode, what is feasible is concrete, while the concrete is large enough for just 1 kilometer it takes IDR 2.7 billion, but it’s just a matter of classifying it according to the needs of the area,” he added.

Iti also promised to immediately follow up the wishes of the indigenous people of Kasepuhan Cisitu. “Pray and let us unite, maintain unity and unity, so that in the future we can build together,” he concluded.

Based on monitoring at the location, the condition of the road to the kasepuhan area in Cibeber sub-district is dominated by rocks and has a sharp winding route. The width of the road can only be passed by one car. Along the road there are only a few points of barrier made of bamboo. Motorists crossing this road must be careful not to fall into the ravine.

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