Replace Petronas SRT, WithU Yamaha RNF Officially Introduced


WithU Yamaha RNF is officially introduced as Yamaha’s new MotoGP satellite team. WithU Yamaha RNF replaces Petronas SRT which was previously the main sponsor of the Yamaha MotoGP satellite team.

Just like Petronas SRT, WithU Yamaha RNF will also combine young and senior riders. If last season Petronas SRT relied on Franco Morbidelli and Valentino Rossi, this season WithU Yamaha RNF relied on senior riders Andrea Dovizioso and rookie Darryn Binder.

Interestingly, the WithU Yamaha RNF is still being designed by a Malaysian automotive sports figure, Razlan Razali. Previously, Razlan Razali was the manager of Petronas SRT Yamaha and was quite successful with his young riders such as Franco Morbidelli and Fabio Quartararo.

WithU Yamaha RNF officially introduced Photo: Yamaha

Not only Razlan Razali, other former Petronas SRT figures such as team manager Wilco Zeelenberg and crew chief Ramon Forcada were also retained. Quoted from CrashRazali budgeted 11-13 million euros to maintain high-level achievements like at Petronas SRT.

Regarding the choice of drivers who are considered unsatisfactory by a number of parties, Razali remains optimistic that the two racers of his choice can perform as expected.

“Some skeptical fans will judge that Dovizioso will have (bad) seasons like (experienced) Valentino (Rossi),” said Razali.

WithU Yamaha RNF officially introducedWithU Yamaha RNF officially introduced Photo: Yamaha

“But Dovi has done a lot with Ducati, three times being vice champion. He was with Tech3 at Yamaha before, and most importantly he had five races last year (2021) (with Petronas SRT,” continued Razali.

Darryn Binder is also in the spotlight because he is a racer who immediately jumped from Moto3 to MotoGP without going through the Moto2 competition. The 24-year-old racer has competed in Moto3 for 7 seasons and his best achievement is ranking 7th in the 2021 Moto3 season when he defends Petronas Sprinta Racing.

“What we saw with Darryn during the one year he was with us (at SRT) was a very good attitude, very disciplined, a good person. Okay, being a good person doesn’t win you, but with his physique which is too big for a Moto3 bike and Honda’s Moto3, has a power weakness compared to KTM. That’s very clear,” said Razali of Binder.

WithU Yamaha RNF officially introducedWithU Yamaha RNF officially introduced Photo: Yamaha

“So he has that weakness. But the way he fights in every race, in 1-2 laps he is already in the front group. He overtakes inside, outside. Unfortunately for him hitting Dennis Foggia (at Portimao),” he continued.

“But the way he raced last year we think if this guy is given the opportunity with a bigger bike, a package like Yamaha, he can do something magical. So that’s the potential we see in him.”

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