Reprimanded Too Sexy, This Woman Claims to Be Bullied


Disneyland is called the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’. But this doesn’t apply to a female tourist named Laci Kay Somers.

Laci Kay Somers visits Disneyland in Anaheim, California, USA. Instead of feeling happy on vacation there, Somers actually got Body Shaming from Disneyland officials and other visitors.

The clothes Somers wore when he went to Disneyland were considered too sexy. Even though Somers felt that the clothes he was wearing were still normal.

Somers wore tight black leggings and a tank top of the same color. The tanktop only covered Somers’ breasts, leaving her stomach exposed.

The girl who also works as an influencer also made a Tiktok video to express her anxiety. In the video, Somers includes the hashtag #body shaming.

Female tourist at DisneylandFemale tourist at Disneyland Photo: (Tiktok)

“I was hit by a dress code violation at Disneyland. What did I do?,” Somers wrote on his Tiktok, as if questioning Disneyland’s decision.

Disneyland itself has clearly warned visitors to dress modestly, because the theme park is visited by many children.

“Dressing that reveals too much skin will be considered inappropriate attire to be worn in a family-friendly environment,” Disneyland wrote on their website.

But there are also many travelers who defend this beautiful girl with 12.2 million followers on Instagram. According to them, the clothes worn by Somers are still relatively ordinary and not over the line.

“I feel like I’ve seen girls with less clothes than her at Disneyland. That’s really weird. They’re just haters,” defended one Tiktoker.

“Well, you do look sexy, but cooking is enough to cause them problems,” defended another Tiktoker.

Somers himself felt he had done nothing wrong. He felt himself still wearing modest and closed clothes.

“I mean there were more scantily clad girls on the beach, but they weren’t mad at the girls,” Somers complained.

Previously, it was reported that there was a woman who wore a bikini to Disney World to try out the trend, is it true that if we are minimally dressed in that place, we will be given free t-shirts.

Apparently this trend is not proven. The girl was even asked to pay for a shirt to cover the exposed body parts.

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