Residents of Untung Jawa Island in the 17’s with Sandiaga Uno


There is something special about the independence celebration on Untung Jawa Island. This year the residents did not celebrate alone, the Regent and the Menparekraf attended.

In accordance with the president’s directive, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno celebrated independence at one of the ministry’s work locations. He chose Untung Jawa Island in the Thousand Islands because of its close location and the Thousand Islands had just entered into a national strategic project.

Sandiaga Uno and the Thousand Islands Regent, Head of the Thousand Islands Tourism and Creative Economy Sub-Department, and the Deputy for Destination Development and Infrastructure of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy commemorated independence by watching a flag ceremony broadcast live from the Merdeka Palace together on Untung Java Island.

Not only watching the ceremony and the seconds of the proclamation, Sandiaga also enlivened the competition held at Sakura Beach. Some of the competitions that had been commanded by Sandiaga were cracker eating competitions, ball throwing competitions, and balloon dancing competitions.

According to Sandi, the competition, which is always held to commemorate independence, needs to be supported. Because it is one of the typical traditions that should be appreciated.

“Cultures of local wisdom, these competitions are indeed our tradition to celebrate our independence day,” he said.

He revealed that the support for these competition activities is not only to encourage the spirit of revival after the pandemic. But also as a form of appreciation for the products of the creative economy and local wisdom.

“What we hope is not only to encourage our enthusiasm to recover faster and get stronger, but also to give appreciation to our creative economy products. This competition is in accordance with our spirit, but also local wisdom,” said Sandiaga.

Sandiaga Uno Celebrates Independence on Untung Jawa Island, Thousand Islands.Sandiaga Uno Celebrates Independence on Untung Jawa Island, Thousand Islands. Photo: (Yasmin Nurfadila/detikTravel)

When Sandi visited the location of the competition, the local community, from adults to children, seemed enthusiastic about welcoming the Minister. Everyone did not want to lose wanting to see up close and capture the moment with Sandiaga.

On the way home, the mothers even stormed Sandiaga to take pictures together. The mothers seemed very happy with Sandiaga’s arrival. On the other hand, Sandiaga seemed happy to serve the requests of the residents of Untung Jawa.

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