Right Price, Superior Features from Competitors


The latest Yamaha R15 in Indonesia comes with a myriad of features. To experience it, consumers can choose the highest type, namely R15 Connected ABS, but they need to prepare funds of IDR 43.5 million. This makes it the most expensive 150 cc sport bike fairing compared to competitors.

PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) released the latest Yamaha in two variants, namely R15 Connected and R15M Connected ABS. His presence awaited his nemesis Honda CBR150R and GSX-R150. But the price of the R15 is now the most expensive in its class.

Questioning the price tag of up to Rp. 43 million for the highest type, the Public Relations Manager, Yamaha Riding Academy and PT YIMM Community is confident that the presence of the latest Yamaha R15 can be accepted by the Indonesian people.

“We are confident that this new product can be accepted by the community. Second, the features that are embedded are superior compared to competitors. So this is a good price. value for money, features can, design can. This is the most appropriate price for consumers,” said Anton when met at Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (2/12/2021).

For comparison, the cheapest Yamaha R15 Connected is currently priced at IDR 38.9 million. While the highest type R15M sold Rp 43.5 million.

Compared to its competitors, the non-ABS Honda CBR150R is sold at the cheapest for Rp. 36,180,000, then the highest type is Rp. 41,080,000. When compared to the Yamaha R15M Connected ABS which is sold for Rp. 43,500,000 with the Honda CBR150R of the ABS type, Rp. 40,180,000, the difference is Rp. 3,320,000.

Furthermore, the GSXR150 is sold for Rp. 33.5 million, the lowest type, while the highest version, which is equipped with ABS, is Rp. 36.5 million. This makes the GSXR150 the cheapest sport fairing bike in its class.

Indeed, the question is that the price of the latest R15 is priced higher than its competitors. But Yamaha has also paired several devices that are not yet available on the Honda CBR150R and GSX150R. Anything?

The R15M has more features, starting from a full digital instrument panel equipped with Y-Connect connectivity, then there is VVA (Variable Valve Actuation), dual ABS, and Traction Control. There is also a Side Stand Engine Cut-Off Switch feature.

Interestingly, the R15M instrument panel can be changed into two driving modes, namely street and track. From the name it can be seen, if the street mode is used for the highway and the track mode is for the closed circuit track. Yamaha R15M is also equipped with the Quick Shifter feature to help the transmission transfer process quickly.

Anton hopes that the presence of this latest R15 can increase the demand for motor sport segment.

“Motorsports have their own fanatical fans, although in terms of demand, it may have decreased compared to a few years ago due to the shift to automatic motorbikes. They always have fans, whether they are 150 or 250 cc,” said Anton.

“This segment we think that demand is something that we can create. It’s not only based on what consumers want. With the launch of new products and Yamaha also continuing, maybe in the last few years new products in sports are released, not only in automatic. That’s the hope for continue to create demand,” he explained.

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