Rising fuel prices will not be dizzy, this duck motorbike can penetrate 96 km / liter


Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has just released a new motorcycle that is very fuel efficient. Named the New Yamaha Finn, this motorbike is said to be able to record fuel consumption of up to 96 km / liter.

Quoted from great biker, Yamaha Finn equipped with a 155 cc engine. This motorbike carries the slogan easy to drive, not fussy, and fuel efficient. Yamaha claims Finn can produce an average fuel consumption of 96.16 km / liter. This bike has a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Yamaha Finn is marketed in four types and prices. The cheapest variant is 39,800 baht (Rp. 16.2 million), while the most expensive is 47,000 baht (Rp. 19.2 million).

The Yamaha Finn comes with the added convenience feature of a versatile front compartment. Under-seat storage is also quite adequate, with a capacity of 9.7 liters, which can be used to store raincoats or other items.

New Yamaha Finn Photo: Doc. Yamaha Thailand

This motorbike is indeed still equipped with drum brakes, but it is equipped with the Unified Brake System (UBS) feature when using the foot brake or rear brake. So this mechanism will distribute braking to the front and rear wheels evenly, much like the CBS feature on Honda.

Regarding the engine specifications, it is equipped with a capacity of 114 cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder, 2-valve, air-cooled with an engine compression ratio of 9.3:1. It is not stated how much power and torque the engine with the 50.0 x 57.9 mm bore x stroke configuration can produce.

Meanwhile, in terms of dimensions, the Yamaha Finn has a length of 1,940 mm, a width of 710 mm, and a height of 1,095 mm. The wheelbase is around 1,235 mm, and the seat height is 775 mm.

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