RX-King’s Grandmother Will Rise Again


The legendary Yamaha RX-King will be resurrected. But the bike will be adapted to more environmentally friendly exhaust emissions, even with a more modern name and design.

Yamaha RX-100 is a motorcycle that was born around the 1980s. The two-stroke motorcycle is the predecessor of the RX-135, better known as the RX-King in Indonesia.

Well, Yamaha Motor India plans to resurrect the RX-100. But no longer using a two-stroke engine because it is considered difficult to follow emission standards.

“We want to bring back the RX-100 brand but there are two points, the RX-100 is a two stroke engine and adapting the BS6 (emission standard) engine in it is not possible now,” Yamaha Motor India Chairman Eishin Chihana told BusinessLine quoted on Wednesday (27/27/2011). 7/2022).

Chihana says the dream of awakening is not a figment. In the process, the RX-100 will be reincarnated with a more modern name and design.

“Certainly naming a new (RX-100) model was in our plans. Therefore, once we put the RX-100 on an aspiring brand or model. Reincarnation with a modern style or feel, is a huge challenge,” he explained. .

Mentioned the launch time, the presence of the RX-100 will appear after 2026. Because Yamaha already has a new motorcycle roadmap until 2025.

“We have a plan, but we must not use the RX-100 name easily it will damage the image. The RX-100 cannot be a plan or a quick decision, it has to be an impactful package with a strong engine and design,” added Chihana.

On the other hand the Yamaha RX-100 still has true loyalists. These bikes were produced between 1985 and 1996 and are still in demand in the after-sales market. Even after 26 years since the company stopped production. Many users keep the 100cc motorcycle intact because Yamaha continues to provide spare parts until now.

So curious, what will the Yamaha RX100 model be like?

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