Safe Ways to Ride a Motorcycle for Beginners


Riding a motorcycle is not easy. Maybe for beginners riding an iron horse will find it difficult.

For beginners who are new to using a motorcycle, of course, it is necessary to pay attention to a number of points that support smooth driving. It also aims to make them enjoy riding motorbikes on the streets.

“And of course for road safety, novice drivers need a number of guidelines. Don’t forget to wear complete safety gear and obey traffic rules,” said Herwin Sinaga, Yamaha Riding Academy (YRA) instructor in Central Java.

According to him, there are three tips that must be considered. The first is about the driving position or riding position, braking and when passing corners or turning.

Here’s how to ride a motorcycle for beginners according to Herwin:

1. Riding position

– A broad view of the future to see the situation ahead which will be used to take further actions.
– Shoulders relax, avoid too tight and tense.
– Hands are relaxed, elbows form an angle (hand position is like hugging a big ball).
– Palms hold the handle relaxed.
– The sitting position is adjusted to your height and relaxed (avoid too straight / straight because it will make the body easily tired).
– Knee clamping / holding the tank for sport motorbikes, while for automatic motorbikes the foot / knee position is still in the motor body area, avoid open legs because it will reduce balance and the potential to be hit by other vehicles during traffic jams.
– The position of the soles of the feet is straight ahead, this makes it easier to do braking and also shift gears (for motor sport and duck types).

2. Braking

– Concentrate, make sure the conditions in front of you are enough distance to do the braking and determine the starting point of braking.
– Use the front and rear brakes smoothly and simultaneously.
– Make sure the motor is in a straight position (especially for medium to high speeds).

3. When going through a bend / turn

– Before the corner, reduce the speed (close the gas, lower the gear, use the front and rear combination brakes, this is done before entering the corner. The view is looking at the corner).
– During passing / being in a corner, use a speed that we can control, avoid lowering the gear or braking hard (hard braking), this will make the motor balance decrease.
– When exiting the corner, the forward view sees the intended target and starts to increase speed (open the gas).

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