Sandiaga Meets Demonstrators, Reprimands the Location of the Demonstration


The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno met NTT students and activists who demonstrated in front of the Kemenparekraf building. He reprimanded the location of the demo that did not comply with the rules.

NTT students and activists in who are members of the Labuan Bajo Alliance to Sue hold a demonstration against the management of Komodo National Park tourism which is detrimental to the community. In one of their arguments, they also oppose the increase in the entrance fee to Komodo National Park by Rp. 3.75 million.

The demonstration was held on Monday (8/8/2022) starting at 11.50 WIB. From monitoring detikTravelthe masses came in cars and motorbikes and staged an action on the sidewalk in front of the Sapta Pesona Building, Kemenparekraf.

Shortly after the action started, Menparekraf Sandiaga got out of the car and met the demonstrators. He listened to the aspirations of the masses for a moment and then admonished the masses to move the action to Monas.

“This is in the center of the crowd. This is not a (demo) place either. Usually at the West Monas. This is against the rules,” said Sandiaga.

Labuan Bajo Ticket Demo at KemenparekrafLabuan Bajo Ticket Demo at Kemenparekraf Photo: (Putu Intan/detikcom)

Furthermore, Sandiaga promised to welcome the masses to discuss with Kemenparekraf staff. He also invited the masses to listen to a press conference with journalists which will be held at 16.00 WIB.

“I received it inside but prepared what I wanted to convey and my staff will receive it later. Later you can hear our briefing at around 16:00 WIB about the government’s impression of the postponement of this tariff increase,” he said.

“So I thank you. Please disperse so as not to create a crowd for our order,” he continued.

Responding to Sandiaga’s words, the masses shifted to protest in front of Monas. The Field Coordinator of the Allied Labuan Bajo Sues, Martinus Soni Candra expressed his appreciation for Sandiaga’s willingness to be invited to discuss.

“Minister Sandiaga Uno had visited the mass of action. He said he would provide a brief space for audiences and exchange ideas with fellow Labuan Bajo Alliance students. We are very grateful for our hopes, what we conveyed, we came with studies and analysis. so that the data we have can compete with the ministry’s data,” he said.

The Labuan Bajo Alliance Claims in its oration said that the conservation that has been planned by the government is not in accordance with the reality on the ground. According to them, the Komodo dragon’s environment is even more damaged.

Meanwhile, with the postponement of the implementation of the Komodo National Park entrance fee of IDR 3.75 million until January 1, 2023, Martinus hopes that the community and tourism actors in Labuan Bajo are involved in the discussion.

“There must be the involvement of the people of Komodo and Labuan Bajo so that there is transparency. There is a contribution from the community and activists in designing ticket prices,” he explained.