Sandiaga Visits Budo Tourism Village, Encourages Economic Recovery

North Minahasa

Budo Tourism Village in North Sulawesi is included in the top 50 of the 2022 Indonesian Tourism Village Award (ADWI). Menparekraf Sandiaga hopes that economic recovery will occur there.

Budo Village is located in Wori District, North Minahasa Regency. Like other tourist villages, tourist destinations in the village have met the standards for the assessment of the ADWI 2022 jury team which consists of seven categories. Namely 1. Visitor attraction (natural and artificial, arts and culture), 2. Souvenirs (culinary, fashion, and craft), 3. Homestay, 4. Public toilets, 5. Digital and creative, 6. Cleanliness, Health, Safety , and Environment Sustainability (CHSE), and 7. Village Institutions.

“I hope this is part of ecotourism. We are currently developing ecotourism in totality. We have also developed it in Bali. We also want to develop it in North Minahasa. Hopefully, in the future it will become part of our revival. This opens up wide job opportunities for the people of Budo Village,” said Sandiaga.

North Minahasa Regent Joune Ganda is committed to revitalizing tourism in North Minahasa. In fact, he is optimistic that Budo Village will be able to penetrate the top ten.

“We will continue to fight, hopefully Budo Village will be in the top 10. But I think with strong efforts from us and all stakeholders in Budo Village, we will be able to break into the top 10,” said Joune.

To reach Budo Tourism Village, it takes about 30 minutes from Sam Ratulangi Airport. This village is famous for its mangrove tourism and is an alternative gateway to Bunaken Marine Park.

From the beach, tourists can see the beautiful scenery of Manado Tua Island, Bunaken, and Siladen. There are about 30 hectares of mangrove forest with diverse mangrove vegetation. If you come in the afternoon, you will be able to see a beautiful sunset.

There are several supporting facilities such as 7 gazebo units, 1 cafe and a choice of diving spots to see the underwater beauty of Budo Village.

Talking about natural potential, this coastal village has so many attractions. This mangrove forest tour was nominated for the five best in North Sulawesi.

The activity of planting mangroves is also introduced to children from an early age. They are always involved to participate in planting.

In addition, the specialty of this mangrove forest itself is that there are nine types of mangroves. They are Red Mangroves, Black Fires, Ringworm Mangroves, Avicennia Lanata (Fire), Avecennia Marina (White Fires), Acrostichum Aureum, Kandelia Candel, Kandelia Obevata, Rizhopora Lamarckii, and Mount Dapi-Dapi.

Menparekraf Sandiaga visits Budo VillageMenparekraf Sandiaga visited Budo Village. Photo: doc. Kemenparekraf

The view on the hills of Mount Dapi-Dapi is very beautiful. Tourists can immediately see the view of the sunrise in the morning and also the sunset in the afternoon, the height of this mountain is about 300 meters above sea level.

The Budo Village Government has opened Mount Dapi-Dapi as a Tracking Tourist Attraction Destination. So if there are local and foreign tourists who come to climb, they will be guided directly by a climbing guide from Budo Village.

In addition, the underwater biota of Budo Village also has a beauty that is no less attractive. Many species can become objects for underwater photographers, one of which is the Pygmy Seahorse.

This beautiful little animal has a size of approximately 2 cm. Not all marine parks have this species. In addition, other diverse marine wealth is a special interest tourism choice for lovers of diving and snorkeling. The underwater topography of Budo Village that can attract tourists is sloping down and walls.

Talk about the richness of art and culture that can be potential, one of which is the Masamper Dance. It is a traditional art of the Noorder Einlanden community in Dutch which means the islands further north or popularly called North Nusa, or Sangihe, Talaut and Sitaro. Masamper is an activity of singing together in groups and singing reciprocally.

This art combines two main elements, namely vocals and movements that must be in rhythm, accompanied by dance moves from the songwriter (pengaha) in the Masamper tradition. The center of the Masamper dancer is left empty, becoming a place for those who have their turn to lead the song.

In essence, Masamper is a medium for expressing the soul, expressing identity and specifically having universal, religious values, social interaction, history, love of the nation and homeland, education and cultural identity.

Culinary processed seafood is a favorite for tourists. In addition, there are also traditional Budo cakes or commonly called Kongke Dodol/Dodol Budo cakes and ongol-ongol made of sago and banana chips.

Processing of coconut virgin oil is also the prima donna of this village. Speaking of homestays, there are several lodging options owned by Budo Tourism Village, including Homestay Omah Ginto, Ma Mina, and Evangelical.

Currently, the Budo Village tourist area is managed by the Bumdes Sinar Usaha Budo. Thanks to the collaboration that synergizes with the community, this village is said to be worthy of being an example for 125 other villages in North Minasaha. The aspect that needs to be imitated is the spirit of independence to build the village.

ADWI aims to be a lever for the village economy and as a promotional vehicle to show the potential of tourist villages in Indonesia. Both for domestic tourists and foreign tourists.

In addition, ADWI is expected to encourage regions to be able to create new sustainable tourism villages in their regions that can generate village economies. Economic revival of the villages to develop Indonesia.

“I really support it. Because this mangrove is one of the attractions to Budo Village. And they must have something they can bring home, one of which is batik with mangrove motifs. Fashion now contributes more than USD 21.8 billion. And fashion that dominates in terms of exports, ” he said.

“One time, it will contribute to increasing employment. In 2022 we will create 1.1 million new jobs and 2024 4.4 million new jobs. All of them are from the creative economy and tourism sectors. We hope that the fashion in Budo Village that we want to develop is Batik Mangroves can be a mainstay,” he explained.

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