Screaming! This is the inspiration for Sean Wotherspoon’s Yamaha Fazzio modification


The new Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Connected launched in Indonesia. For those who don’t feel okay with the standard appearance from Fazzio, here is the inspiration for a digital modification from Julak Sendie Design (JSD). One of them is Sean Wotherspoon’s Vespa style.

The most obvious difference is clearly from the exterior side which carries the distinctive bright color of Sean Wotherspoon. In general, Fazzio uses a yellow base color on the body. Continue to be combined with red colors such as the footrest and lamp shell area.

The original black wheels have beenrepaint white in harmony with the sides of the body. The seats also change color to light brown.

Another component that distinguishes it from the standard version of the Fazzio is the use of mirrors. This Fazzio Sean Wotherspoon concept uses classic round mirrors with chrome accents, which further enhances the modern retro aura.

Yamaha Fazzio Sean Wotherspoon Photo: Julak Sendie Design (JSD).

The appearance of Fazzio is further boosted by the addition of supporting accessories such as rear stirrups which are replaced with a rack model that functions as a place to put luggage while driving.

Fazzio Hybrid has actually become a new challenger in modern retro scooters. As is well known, this trend has its own market segmentation, as evidenced by manufacturers competing to present products, ranging from the Honda Scoopy, Benelli Panarea, and Vespa LX 125.

Tongkrongan from Fazzio Hybrid is like a scooter in general. The deck for the footrests is made flat, not terraced like the Maxi Series.

The design is not saklek rounded, slightly boxed, especially in the rear body area. At first glance it looks like the eccentric scooter design line Yamaha QBIX 125. The design and dimensions are still maintained by JSD.

In your opinion, is it suitable for Yamaha Fazzio to use the style of the Vespa Sean Wotherspoon edition?

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