South Nias Has Examples of Food Resistant Tourist Destinations


Nias Islands turns out to have tourist destinations with fairly strong food security. The traveler already knows the location?

The name is Hilisimaetanö Tourism Village. The village has the largest rice field area in South Nias, so the potential to become an agro-tourism area is very large.

“Now we are very worried about the threat of a food crisis, an energy crisis, but South Nias especially in Hilisimaetanö Tourism Village actually has the potential to be able to have food security and energy independence, we can develop it in the future,” said Menparekraf Sandiaga, who visited there according to information to reporters, Thursday (23/6/2022).

Seeing this, he also plans to make Hilisimaetanö Village a sustainable tourism village. But before that, some facilities need to be improved, including toilets and homestays.

Hilisimaetano Tourism Village in South NiasHilisimaetanö Tourism Village in South Nias (Photo: Kemenparekraf)

“We will provide assistance, training, we will increase other tourist destinations, such as toilets, as well as homestays because there is only one here, we will improve it, we also want to make this tourist village a tourist destination while there is WSL Pro, to raise community economy,” said Sandiaga.

“We will also improve this tourist village so that it becomes a sustainable tourism village, we will develop its creative economy products, so that jobs are open and people’s incomes increase,” he continued.

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