Sumbawa Horse Racing Still Exists Amid the Pros and Cons of Child Exploitation


The tradition of horse racing is inherent among the people of Bima and Dompu, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). This activity still exists even though there are pros and cons regarding child exploitation in it.

Their presence can be found at the Lemba Kara Horse Racing arena, Lepadi Village, Pajo District, Dompu Regency. Hundreds of horse racing lovers flock to this arena to race their horses.

“This is not an event, but this is a training session or horse training,” said one of the horse owners from Dompu, Darwis on secondsBaliSunday (24/7/2022).

Horse owners will flock to the Lemba Kara Racecourse from dawn every Sunday. They are not only from the Dompu area, but there are also those from the city and Bima district and even from Sumbawa district.

“There are those from Bima, some from Sumbawa also come to practice. Their horses are competed with other horses,” said Darwin.

Horse racing in SumbawaLittle jockey at a horse race in Sumbawa (Photo: Faruk Nickyrawi/detikcom)

This training session is not much different from a real competition or event (championship). The horses will be ridden by small children aged between 4-8 years who are called little jockeys.

The equipment they use is the same as during the championship event, namely the jockeys are equipped with whips, safety helmets, and there is a dukun (sando jara in Bima-Dompu language).

secondsBali had the opportunity to see this training session directly at the Lemba Kara Horse Racing arena. The enthusiasm of the horse owners, the jockeys and the audience added to the excitement of this training session.

Horse racing in SumbawaLittle jockey at a horse race in Sumbawa (Photo: Faruk Nickyrawi/detikcom)

The trained horses are released along with the little jockeys who ride them at the starting point. They will compete with each other. Not infrequently among the jockeys fell and was thrown from the horse’s back.

However, no one was injured or injured. After falling, the jockeys will return to ride another horse until it is finished.

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