Survive in the midst of the onslaught of times, this is a list of duck motorbikes that are still for sale


The motorcycle has indeed lost its prestige as the popularity of the automatic motorcycle has skyrocketed. Even so, the majority of Brand Holder Agents in Indonesia still sell motorbikes that have the semi-automatic transmission.

Citing data from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), out of 5,057,516 motorcycle units sold in Indonesia in 2021, the motorcycle only won 6.30% market share. Far behind sales of automatic motorcycles which recorded a market share of 87.58%.

Although it has started to lose fans, several models of motorcycles still exist in the country. For example, the Suzuki Smash, Honda Revo, Yamaha Jupiter, and the Sultan’s motorcycle with a tag of 70 million rupiah such as the Honda Super Cub C125.

Don’t forget that there are also high-performance 150 cc motorcycles that are marketed such as the Honda Supra GTR or Yamaha MX King 150. Unfortunately, the two models have not yet launched a new model, even though in Vietnam the new version has been marketed.

Citing the official websites of each manufacturer, here is the price list for the January 2022 on the road motorcycle:


1. Revo Fit: IDR 15,110,000

2. Revo X: IDR 16,810,000

3. Supra X 125 Spoke FI: IDR 18,455,000

4. Supra X 125 CW FI: IDR 19,535,000

5. Supra GTR 150 Sporty: IDR 24,280,000

6. Supra GTR 150 Exclusive: IDR 24,530,000

7. Super Cub C125: IDR 73,645,000

8. CT 125: IDR 76.800.000

Yamaha Jupiter Z1 Photo: doc. Yamaha Indonesia


1. MX King 150 Yamaha World GP 60th Anniversary Livery: IDR 25,225,000

2. MX King 150: IDR 24,825,000

3. MX King 150 Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Edition: IDR 24,875,000

4. MX King 150 Doxou Version: IDR 24,170,000

5. Jupiter MX 150: IDR 18,900,000

6. Jupiter Z1: IDR 18,860,000

7. Vega Force: IDR 17,155,000

Suzuki Smash is backSuzuki Smash Photo: doc. Suzuki


1. New Smash R FI: IDR 16.100.000

2. New Smash SR FI: IDR 16.850.000