Suzuki Saluto is prettier than Scoopy and Fazzio, but the price is IDR 40 million


Suzuki Saluto 2022 officially launched in Taiwan (18/2/2022). When compared to the Honda Scoopy or Yamaha Fazzio, everyone will agree that the Saluto design is more elegant than the Scoopy or Fazzio. But unfortunately, the price of the Suzuki Saluto is quite high, translucent to Rp. 40 million in Taiwan.

Quoted from the official Suzuki Taiwan website, Suzuki Saluto is offered in 3 variants and prices. First, the Luca Green and Genoa Red color options have a price of 83,800 TWD or the equivalent of IDR 43.1 million.

Honda Scoopy Photo: Astra Honda Motor

Then the cheaper version, namely the Bologna Rose Gold and Naples Dark Blue colors, costs 81,000 TWD or around IDR 41.7 million. Furthermore, the cheaper variant, namely the classic, sells for 80,000 TWD or the equivalent of Rp. 41.2 million.

When compared to the price of the Honda Scoopy and Yamaha Fazzio in Indonesia, the price of the Suzuki Saluto in Taiwan is very expensive. Even more expensive than premium scooters, such as Honda PCX 160 or Yamaha Nmax 155 Connected.

As an illustration, the price of the Honda Scoopy in Indonesia is in the range of Rp. 20 million-Rp. 21 million. The details are Scoopy Fashion sold for Rp. 20,475,000,
Scoopy Sporty Rp 20,475,000, Scoopy Prestige Rp 21,275,000, and Scoopy Stylish Rp 21,275,000.

Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Connected (LUX)Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Connected Photo: Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM)

Then for the Yamaha Fazzio which has been equipped with hybrid features and connectivity to smartphones, the price ranges from Rp. 21 million to Rp. 22 million. The details, for the Neo variant, the price is Rp. 21,700,000 and the Lux variant is priced at Rp. 22,000,000.

With a price that is twice as expensive as Scoopy and Fazzio, of course the Suzuki Saluto will find it difficult to compete with the two if it is priced at IDR 40 million. But if Suzuki Indonesia plans to sell and produce Saluto locally in Indonesia, the price of the Saluto might be much more competitive, so it can compete with Scoopy and Fazzio.

Do you agree, do you not agree, if Suzuki Saluto is sold in Indonesia?