Table in MotoGP, Yamaha Satellite Team Razlan Razali Can Be Replaced by Team Valentino Rossi


MotoGP observer Carlo Pernat predicts that the Mooney VR46 racing team will fill the position of the Yamaha satellite team next season. He considered that the RNF Yamaha satellite team would not extend its contract which ended this season.

Currently Yamaha has a satellite team led by Razlan Razali. For this season, the new satellite team is called WithU RNF Yamaha, replacing sponsor Petronas SRT whose contract was not renewed.

However, Yamaha’s collaboration with RNF only lasts one season until the end of 2022. However, there is an option for a contract extension for the next one to two seasons, which means it could end in the upcoming 2024 season.

Carlo Pernat said that he was not sure if the RNF contract would be extended by Yamaha. If RNF is no longer a Yamaha satellite team, Pernat predicts that Valentino Rossi’s racing team will fill the void.

“I’m not sure that RNF will stay with Yamaha. Everything makes me think that Yamaha and Valentino Rossi will work together again with the Mooney VR46 team,” said Carlo Pernat, launching Paddock GP.

Pernat’s prediction could well come true. If you look in the mirror from the performance of the Yamaha satellite team, so far they have not shown their best performance and have been scattered in the back position.

Two WithU Yamaha RNF riders, Darryn Binder and Andrea Dovizioso had difficulty competing with other riders. Until the four series took place, Darryn Binder was in 19th position in the MotoGP standings by winning 6 points.

The South African racer managed to gain points when he appeared at the Mandalika MotoGP. Darryn Binder managed to finish in 10th place and is entitled to six points, the only points he has collected so far.

Then, his teammate Andrea Dovizioso got even worse by taking 21st place and only gaining 3 points. He won these points when he appeared at the Qatar MotoGP (2 points) and the United States MotoGP (1 point).

It’s true that this season’s series is still long, these two Yamaha satellite racers can still climb up to the mid-table or even break into the top 10.

Meanwhile, the Mooney VR46 team’s contract with Ducati ends in 2024. Currently, Valentino Rossi’s racing team is joined by a number of other Ducati satellite teams, namely Pramac Racing and Gresini Racing.