Thanks to AirTag, Baggage Thief at Airport Arrested


Airtag, Apple’s product that allows consumers to track the whereabouts of their goods has another function. Airtag managed to help officers catch thieves who like to open passenger luggage at the airport. The culprit was young.

Reporting from NBC News, Saturday (20/8/2022) Giovanni De Luca (19) had to face two charges of theft after police found items that were reported to have been stolen. This was revealed by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

Police added that in July, a tourist reported losing his luggage, never making it to his destination. It is estimated that the luggage is worth USD 1,600 (Rp 24 million).

He said he had placed an Airtag on his belongings in the trunk and directed them to Kathy Court in Mary Esther, about 50 miles east of Pensacola, Florida.

AirTagAirTag Photo: Apple dock

On August 9, another tourist reported that more than $15,000 worth of jewelery and other items had been taken from his luggage.

Okaloosa County sheriff’s deputies investigating both alleged thefts referred to a Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport employee who lived near Kathy Court and found De Luca at her home. He was arrested on August 10.

Items that were reported missing on August 9 have been found and De Luca admitted to rummaging through other people’s luggage and pulling out an Apple AirTag. The woman’s suitcase has yet to be found.

It is not yet known what airline De Luca subcontracted and whether he has a lawyer.

AirTag has helped travelers this year as airlines are understaffed, flights change and baggage is more likely to be lost. As of May, 237,828 items of baggage had been reported missing compared to 132,071 bags reported mishandled during the same time period last year, according to the Transportation Department.

Although this Apple product has been criticized for making it easier for people to stalk or track things. But when we relate to cases of loss and theft this product is very helpful.

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