The 6 Most Hits Glamping Spots, Suitable for Family Vacations


Glamor camping or commonly referred to as glamping is one of the tours that is often preferred for family vacations. Because families can enjoy camping holidays while enjoying the beauty of nature, clean air, and more.

You don’t need to be confused about choosing an exciting glamping place. Because there are many exciting glamping spots that can provide an extraordinary camping experience.

Here are 6 Glamping spots that are suitable for families.

1. Tanakita

This glamping place is perfect for families who really want to experience camping in the wild. Because Tanakita presents a tent that is often used by adventurers to climb mountains.

Even so, Tanakita offers a number of facilities such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, free flow coffee & tea, wi-fi outdoor activities, water-heater shower, and guitar rental at the camping ground complex.

Tanakita Camp Site SukabumiTanakita Camp Site Sukabumi Photo: Rachman/detikTravel

2. Highland Park Resort

Highland Park Resort Bogor is also one of the recommended glamping places that are suitable for families to visit. In addition, the air in the area still feels so clean and cool.

In terms of facilities, it is also quite complete, there is a restaurant, easy access, swimming pool, and a large area suitable for children’s play areas.

Glamping at The Highland Park Resort HotelGlamping at The Highland Park Resort Hotel Photo: Fionadirchania/d’Traveler

3. Famous Legok

Located two hours from Bandung, Legok Kondang is one of the glamping spots suitable for families to visit. Because Legok Kondang offers a refreshing experience surrounded by nature while also being pampered by luxurious lodging services.

glampingLegok Famous Glamping Photo: (Wisma Putra/detikTravel)

4. Green Hill Park

You can feel the typical mountain atmosphere at the Ciwidey Green Hills glamping site. You and your family can also take advantage of the hot springs in the area.

5. Rancabali

Unlike the glamping sites above, Rancabali offers a clean lakeside vacation experience. The beauty of the lake will be even more special when enjoyed in the morning while accompanied by a warm drink and a number of snacks.

Rancabali lakeside glamping tentsRancabali lakeside glamping tents Photo: (Dony Indra Ramdhan/detikTravel)

6. Bamboo Village

This place not only presents the natural feel of Bandung. However, this place also provides many activities and a playground that can be suitable for children. You can also do a number of exciting activities such as a bonfire or barbecue with your family.

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