The Magical Value Behind the Kecak Dance You Watch at Uluwatu


The Kecak dance performed at Uluwatu Temple is not just an art show. There is a magical and philosophical meaning behind it.

The head of the Karangboma Tabuh Dance Studio, Pecatu Traditional Village, I Made Astra, explained that philosophically, the Kecak dance that has existed in the Pecatu Traditional Village since the 1930s has magical value.

“This means that we will perform with several Kecak dancers, our dance dancers will take the epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana,” explained I Made Astra at Pura Luhur Uluwatu.

From here, he continued, many philosophies were obtained like the story.

“For the kecak, it means that dances can be gathered, dances that have magical values ​​here before there was no lighting and we only used natural lighting,” added I Made Astra.

Balinese Kecak DanceBalinese Kecak Dance. Photo: Saskia Rajayani/D’traveler

In addition, according to him, the Kecak dance also has the meaning of uniting people in Bali.

“Yes, when we gather we also have fun, the dancers also have to play formations so that the drama has aesthetic value,” he said.

And in its development, there are two groups of Kecak Dance in Uluwatu, he said. First Kecak Uluwatu and Karang Boma.

“The 90s were not yet developed. We tried how to bring art to life in Pecatu Village which could be commercialized so that we have capital in terms of scenery and have human resources who want to improve the economic level,” said Astra.

To be able to enjoy the Kecak Dance and Fire Dance in the Uluwatu Temple area, both local and foreign tourists are charged a tariff of Rp. 150 thousand.

According to Sudira, this price is very reasonable considering there are 4 objects that can be enjoyed by tourists. The four spots are like natural beach views with sunsets, there are wild monkeys that are not evil, there is the Luhur Uluwatu temple and lastly, he said the Kecak Dance earlier.

And if the visitors are full, he said, the Kecak dance can be played in two sessions (twice).

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