The pandemic is almost over, Indonesia’s tallest hotel starts to fill up


Making peace with Covid-19 is an option so that tourism can continue to advance. It’s almost gone, The Westin hotel is seeing improvements to keep going.

Having its address at Jalan HR Rasuna Said, No. Kav C-22A, The Westin is one of the hotels affected by the pandemic. This 5 star hotel is not closed completely.

“We didn’t close completely, only partially closed the rooms,” said Samit Ganguly, General Manager of The Westin Jakarta detikTravel.

In those days, most of those who stayed there were expatriates or foreign nationals who worked in Indonesia. They stay in the hotel not just a month or two, but more than two years.

Samit Ganguly, General Manager of The Westin JakartaSamit Ganguly, General Manager of The Westin Photo: (Nurul Ulum/detikcom)

“Yes, there are two to three guests staying for up to 2 years. They are Europeans who do e-commerce business which is really needed during the pandemic,” he explained.

When suffocated by the pandemic, many hotels have started to lower prices to sell rooms. But not with The Westin Jakarta.

“No, we don’t cut prices. But we offer different room packages. Starting from room packages with breakfast, to dinner packages. We also provide breakfast services in rooms, because during a pandemic there should be no crowds,” he said.

Day after day passed, until finally the borders began to be relaxed and business resumed. The tallest hotel in Indonesia is starting to get busy again.

The Westin JakartaThe Westin Photo: (Rengga Sancaya/detikFoto)

“I’ve seen an increase since last year, around after the third wave of the pandemic,” he revealed.

August to September last year was the highest increase. The increase occurred from 75 to 80 percent.

Previously, this hotel had a target visit of around 65-70 percent. Seeing an increase, management is confident in raising the target to 75-80 percent.

“We are open to anyone here. Not only business people, but also millennials to baby boomers,” he said.

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