The Passport Queue at the Consulate General in Sydney is very crowded, 3,600 people until December 2022


Hundreds of Indonesian citizens in Sydney are busy extending their passports. This is the situation at the consulate general of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) there.

The heavy rain and winter atmosphere in Sydney did not prevent more than 200 Indonesian citizens from attending the Eazy Passport Service held by the Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney last Saturday (2/7).

“The service, which was held to celebrate the 77th Indonesian Independence Day, was carried out as an effort by the Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney to break the queue for passport services, which until now have recorded around 3,600 registrants until December 2022,” said Indonesian Consul General for Sydney, Vedi Kurnia Buana, to reporters, Tuesday (5/7/2022).

He explained that there was a trend of increasing the need for travel documents for Indonesian citizens in Australia. This follows the reopening of borders between countries, including the Indonesia-Australia border, and the easing of various quarantine policies for international travelers.

Eazy Passport Service for the Indonesian Consulate General in SydneyEazy Passport Service (Photo: Consulate General in Sydney)

“To answer the needs of the community, the quota for passport services at the Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney has been increased from 17 to 35 applications per day,” said Consul General Vedi.

Through the Eazy Passport Service, which will be held 5 times in the period July-September, the Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney is targeting to serve 1,225 applicants outside the daily service.

“It was recorded that 216 applicants attended from 245 quotas available on the inaugural Eazy Passport Service which was held last Saturday. A total of 29 applicants requested a schedule change due to unfavorable weather,” he said.

At this time, the Eazy Passport Service also carried out a self-report socialization for Indonesian citizens. This socialization activity was carried out to invite Indonesian citizens to self-report at the WNI Care Portal as a form of data collection for Indonesian citizens abroad.

“The data collection is useful not only in protecting Indonesian citizens, but also in protecting Indonesian citizens’ right to vote ahead of the 2024 general election,” he said.

Furthermore, the Eazy Passport service received a positive response from the public. The Eazy Passport service is carried out on weekends to make it easier for people who have difficulty coming to the Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney on weekdays.

“The Eazy Passport service is very easy, the process is fast, and the service staff is very friendly and helpful,” said Nuranisa Supriyadi, one of the applicants who attended.

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