The touch of F1 engineers is starting to feel, Quartararo calls the Yamaha M1 2023 fast


Fabio Quartararo expressed his pleasure after testing the prototype Yamaha YZR-M1 2023. According to him, the M1 2023 has experienced a significant improvement, especially in terms of power.

A number of MotoGP riders conducted a test at the Misano Circuit, Italy, on September 6-7 2022. This test was carried out to try out the new chassis, including the new engine that will be used for the 2023 season race.

Monster Energy Yamaha rider, Fabio Quartararo, was one of the riders who carried out this test. On the first day of the test (6), the French rider was quite impressed with the development of his motorbike which was getting faster.

For information, Yamaha is going all out to make a MotoGP bike whose power can compete with Ducati and Aprilia. The manufacturer from Iwata even recruited F1 engine engineer, Luca Marmorini. And it looks like the results are starting to show.

“Today (6/9) we have three bikes: one standard bike, one with a new chassis and one with the first 2023 prototype engine,” said Quartararo, quoted from the page. Crash.

“The first step with the 2023 bike was good. It worked quite well in terms of acceleration and top speed, so I’m happy. Considering this is just the first step, I’m looking forward to the next engine upgrade.”

While tuning Yamaha, Quartararo felt that this was the first time his bike had experienced a significant improvement. Previously, El Diablo always complained about his motorbike which felt sluggish and could not compete with Ducati and Aprilia.

“It’s a good step. It’s the first time we really feel that we made an improvement. Now we need more steps. I know that the other steps will not be this big, but at least I know that the first step is very good and I think We are on a good path for the future,” said the 2021 MotoGP champion.

“Yamaha believes that they can develop a little bit better, so hopefully they will.”

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