There is no opponent yet, this flight attendant remains the oldest in the world


In the world of aviation his name has become a legend. This flight attendant became the record holder for the world’s oldest cabin crew.

She is Bette Nash, an American Airlines flight attendant who turns 86 this year. The title of the oldest and longest-serving flight attendant in the world by Guinness World Records is still held by her.

Reported from A B CNash started flying in 1957. This fall, she will be making a new history as a flight attendant for 65 years.

So long he flew, Nash was given the special right to be able to choose whichever route he wanted. But Nash was loyal to the New York-Washington-Boston Shuttle route.

The reason was simple, by following this route Nash would be able to be home every night to take care of his disabled son. Wow, mother’s love is forever!

Nash recalled the era of aviation when he first flew. He said that passengers buy life insurance from vending machines before boarding.

Another thing that makes it different is the requirement to become a flight attendant. At that time the flight attendants had to be single, so the airline would check the flight attendant’s house to see if they were living with their lover.

The world's oldest American Airlines flight attendantBette Nash, the world’s oldest American Airlines flight attendant Photo: (CNN)

Not only that, flight attendants must be weighed every time they want to fly. If the weight gain is too much, the flight attendant cannot work and must be replaced with another flight attendant.

“You have to be a certain height, you have to be a certain weight. It used to be terrible. You put on a few pounds and you had to keep weighing yourself down, and then if you stayed that way, they would take you off your paycheck,” Nash said in 1999. 2017 on A B C.

Nash started his career with Eastern Airlines. Then he went through a number of airline mergers, including Donald Trump’s airline in the late 1980s. Until finally Nash ended up at American Airlines to this day.

In the early days of flights, it was passengers who paid for the flight attendants. The cost of a flight between New York and Washington at that time was still worth USD 12.

“We used to hand out cigarettes and lighters on flights. After the meal service, I would go around with Kent’s and Marlboros,” he said.

To this day, Nash still attends regular flight attendant training according to Federal Aviation Administration rules.

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