These 3 Latest Yamaha Electric Bikes, Which Do You Choose?


Yamaha really wants to dominate urban communities that only have activities in the city. Not only electric matic motorcycles, now motorcycle manufacturers with the tuning fork logo are also increasingly insistent on introducing electric bicycles.

This time, Yamaha immediately introduced 3 electric bicycles for the urban community, namely the Moro 07 e-mtb, the Wabash RT Gravel Bike, and the Crosscore RC Urban Bike.

Indeed, Yamaha’s step in introducing electric bicycles is not the first time, because Yamaha has started producing electric bicycles since 1990, meaning that it has been 30 years since Yamaha has introduced electric bicycles. But what are the advantages of this Yamaha electric bicycle, yes, consider the following reviews:

1. Yamaha Moro 07

Yamaha Moro 07 electric bike Photo: Pool (visordown)

The Yamaha Moro 07 electric bicycle is claimed to be a small, light, yet very powerful Yamaha electric bicycle. Yamaha says this electric bike only weighs 2.75 kg, and is capable of spewing out up to 85 Nm of torque.

This electric bicycle also has the nickname PW-X3, it is claimed to be fun to ride because this bicycle will offer instant power and will be felt on the first pedal stroke, this electric bicycle is also capable of reaching a top speed of up to 25 km/hour.

2. Yamaha Wabash RT

Yamaha electric bike, Yamaha Moro 07, Yamaha Wabash RT, Yamaha CrossCore RCYamaha Wabash RT electric bike Photo: Pool (visordown)

The second electric bike offered by Yamaha, this new gravel bike, is claimed to have perfect geometry and will offer torque of up to 70 Nm, from the PW-ST drive unit from Zero Cadence Technology.

Even this one Yamaha electric bike is claimed to be more comfortable to ride, because both the chassis and suspension have been measured and created according to the rider’s body.

3. Yamaha CrossCore RC

Yamaha electric bike, Yamaha Moro 07, Yamaha Wabash RT, Yamaha CrossCore RCYamaha CrossCore RC electric bike Photo: Pool (visordown)

This electric bicycle is claimed to be an alternative to a car. Because Yamaha CrossCore is equipped with the best accessories for extra or urban trips and longer trips. Nonetheless, it is designed primarily for the city, delivering 70 Nm of torque from the PW-ST drive unit.

How about detikers, which one are you interested in using?

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