These 5 Yamaha Motorcycles Appeared at the Allo Bank Festival, Which Is Your Favorite?


Yamaha opened a booth at the Allo Bank Festival. Yamaha also displayed 5 motorbikes that visitors could buy, including the Yamaha Fazzio hybrid motorbike.

There are 5 motorbikes displayed by Yamaha in this activity, namely Yamaha Mio M3, Yamaha Fazzio, Yamaha Fino, Yamaha Gear, and Yamaha Xride. This time Yamaha provides a promo that will surely make anyone tempted.

PIC Booth Yamaha Agustina said that there are several promos that can be obtained by visitors, such as purchasing Yamaha Gear which can be obtained with a down payment of only Rp. 700,000.

“We also give the Yamaha Mio M3 125 a DP promo of only Rp. 600 thousand. This is actually an old promo, but we give it as long as we open the booth at the Allo Festival,” said Agustina to detikcom at the Allo Bank Festival, Friday (20/5/2022). ).

In addition, for those who want to buy a Yamaha Fazzio Neo 125, Yamaha also gives visitors the opportunity to place an order. As for the installment of a hybrid motorcycle with a retro style, there are several options.

Like 11 installments, visitors can pay a down payment of IDR 2,200,000 with installments of IDR 2,544,000 which can be paid in 11 installments and several other installment options.

For information, these 5 Yamaha motorbikes can be seen at the Yamaha booth at the Allo Bank Festival. For Yamaha Mio M3 125 is one of the Yamaha 125 generation product family that uses a 125 cc Blue Core engine.

This motorbike is intended for sporty young people who prioritize practicality in their daily routines, because they already have a multi function key. One key has 3 (three) functions, which can be used to start the motor, lock the motor, and open the trunk.

Coupled with the smart lock system, with just one finger the rider can lock the brakes when stopping on an incline or descent, making motorcyclists more practical and safe.

Meanwhile, the Yamaha Fino 125 looks fresher with new colors that put forward a classic style and a more cheerful concept so that it remains fashionable.

In addition to having a modern classic design, the Yamaha Fino 125 Sporty is one of the Yamaha products that are in demand among young people, especially women because it has a slim body so it is easy and comfortable to ride.

On the other hand, Yamaha Gear 125 Yamaha GEAR 125 carries the concept of ‘Multipurpose Matic’ with a tough new design and prioritizes functionality (utility) for the rider.

In addition to the performance of the Blue Core 125cc engine, the Yamaha GEAR 125 has also been equipped with Smart Motor Generator (SMG) technology which makes a smooth starter sound when the motor is turned on and the Stop & Start System (SSS).

The All New Yamaha X-Ride 125 has an adventure concept with a new stylish color and graphic display with a combination of counter colors. The latest feature of this motorbike to apply on modern motorbikes is the Answer Back System.

Users of the All New X-Ride 125 can use it when looking for a motorbike in the parking lot. The appearance of the All New X-Ride 125 is equipped with a flat seat, naked handle bar and modern head light.

For the Yamaha Fazzio 125, this Yamaha hybrid motorbike comes with a retro design that is equipped with several contemporary features that support rider activities. This motorbike is equipped with a Smart Key System and Answer Back, Y-Connected technology that can be integrated with smartphones.

The Fazzio 125 is the first hybrid connected in its class that uses a hybrid system. Simply put, blue core hybrid technology can make the motor accelerate faster and can be more fuel efficient.

Yamaha’s 125th generation can make consumers ‘win a lot’ because it’s definitely economical, it’s strong, it’s definitely uphill, and it’s definitely cool.

For information, the Allo Bank Festival 2022 is officially held today. A series of top artists are ready to entertain the Allo Bank Festival 2022 stage in both indoor and outdoor areas. This event was held as one of the grand launching events for the Allo Bank application.

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