This is a Chinese cloned Yamaha MT-15: The shape is not really, the price is only Rp. 10 million


Several automotive manufacturers from China are known to like to make imitation products from brands that have been popular in the market before. And this time, it was Foshan Muci Motorcycles (Foshan)’s turn to make a copy of the Yamaha MT-15. But unfortunately, the shape is not very.

As quoted from Pandulaju, naked bike named Foshan MT has a bodywork that is identical to the Yamaha MT-15. The design is aggressive, with LED projector lamps embedded in the front. Not only that, this motorbike is also equipped with LED DRL ‘eyebrow’ lights which are identical to the MT-15.

However, one thing that Foshan MT cannot emulate is the ‘deltabox’ twinspar frame model that has become the hallmark of Yamaha’s MT Series. And finally, the design of the Foshan MT became less compact, looking hollow in the engine area.

Yamaha MT-15 clone from China Photo: Pandulaju

For your information, Foshan offers three engine options for the MT series, namely 150cc, 200cc and 250cc. The dimensions are more or less the same, with a length of 1,955 mm, a width of 740 mm, a height of 1,040 mm and a wheelbase of 1,350 mm.

Then the dry weight of this motorbike is 138 kg, the lowest distance to the ground is 140 mm, the seat height is 810 mm, and the fuel tank capacity is up to 11.5 liters.

The legs of the Foshan MT are equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels with tire profiles of 90/90 (front) and 120/80 (rear). The instrument panel system is fully digital, with indicators for the speedometer, odometer, fuel status, and several other indicators.

Yamaha MT-15 clone from ChinaYamaha MT-15 clone from China Photo: Pandulaju

This motorbike already uses a disc brake system, but unfortunately there is no Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) feature. But the absence of that feature is compensated by the embedding of the Upside Down (USD) front suspension which promises stability.

Regarding the price, Foshan MT is offered from 4,882 yuan to 5,885 yuan. If converted to rupiah, then the price is between Rp. 10.7 million to Rp. 13 million.