This is a feature that only the all new Yamaha NMAX has, making your trip comfortable


Yamaha All New Nmax brings a new standard for motorcycles in the 150 cc class. There are several functions that only the Yamaha All New Nmax 155 Connected ABS has when compared to competitors. Not just cosmetics, this feature also supports driving comfort.

Since it was first introduced in 2015, Yamaha Nmax has maintained its DNA with a large hangar but still maintains a relaxed ergonomic triangle. Its position makes it comfortable to drive as a daily motorbike, or even long trips such as touring.

The progress of Yamaha Nmax and even motorcycles is a part of Lilik Gunawan and his son’s journey. He departed from Jambi to Mecca with this one Maxi family scooter for 8 months and crossed 10 countries.

Well, at the beginning of 2020, PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing tried to break into the 150 cc automatic market with new standards. The All New Yamaha Nmax 155 Connected ABS is equipped with advanced and contemporary features, besides that it is also supported by several comfort supports that are not found in competitors. Like what? here’s the review.

Yamaha Nmax Photo: Doc. Yamaha Indonesia

The All New Yamaha Nmax sitting position remains relaxed

When sitting on the All New Yamaha Nmax, the rider can adjust the position of the legs: they can be straight without leaving the legs out, or bend like a scooter in general.

Not to forget the position of the hand still easy to reach the handlebar. The position is not too high or low, when detikOto jajal remains relaxed and ergonomic. This combination makes long trips less tired with the All New Yamaha Nmax.

The latest technology, the owner can monitor via smartphone

Sophisticated and futuristic can represent the new technology on the All New Yamaha Nmax. This is thanks to the embedding of Yamaha Connect or Y-Connect, a connectivity feature that connects motorcycles with their users.

This feature is the flagship of Yamaha Nmax, because connectivity has not been offered by competitor models in its class. Some of the Y-Connect functions include accommodating messages such as notification of incoming calls and messages, monitoring the condition of the battery and engine oil, knowing the last parking location, checking fuel consumption, and knowing the ranking position in terms of mileage and eco riding.

So without having to go to a repair shop, the owner can actually know the condition of his motorbike. Moreover, access is also easy because it is only via a smartphone.

In particular, Indonesia is the first country entrusted by the principal to introduce and use Y-Connect. About this Y-Connect feature, Yamaha is starting to show off its skills. Usually, similar technology is available on large motorbikes or big motorbikes with engine capacities above 500cc.

Yamaha Nmax Prestige SilverYamaha Nmax Prestige Silver Photo: Yamaha Indonesia

Hidden lever Yamaha All New Nmax

The All New Yamaha Nmax also has a hidden feature that makes it easier for the rider to use it when driving, namely the lever located on the left grip handle.

This is also a breakthrough made on the All New Yamaha Nmax 155 Connected ABS. Information control control on the multi-information display panel can be done via the left handle.

If we press the lever there is some information that changes, including oil, v-belt, odometer, trip, and battery. So through this feature the position of the hand remains on the handle without having to touch the screen when trying to change. Easy isn’t it?

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