This is the Coolest Region in the World 2022, Bali Donates One


This is the coolest area in the world for 2022. A total of 51 places have been selected and Bali contributed one of them.

However, the position of the destination in Bali, namely the Ubud area, has not yet moved to the top of the list. Time Outa British lifestyle media that issued it and named Ubud in the 42nd position out of 51 places.

The cool area is one of the best parts of a vacation. There, travelers can discover a side of the city that is more popular with locals than tourists.

Maybe you’ll find a secluded cafe with the best coffee you’ve tasted in the neighborhood. There could be an unmarked underground bar on the street above, or a restaurant serving local delicacies you’ve never heard of.

To help you find more hidden gems in the next town, Time Out released an annual list of the coolest regions in the world. And, reaching the top in 2022 is Colonia Americana located in the city of Guadalajara in western Mexico.

“Guadalajara has just emerged as a must-visit place. Colonia Americana is where it is now. It’s home to a creative community, a growing number of amazing places to eat, and some of the best nightlife in the western hemisphere,” said Time Out Travel Editor James Manning.

List created Time Out is the result of an extensive survey in which thousands of people from around the world are asked about their favorite places in their city. The editors also took into account the expertise of local residents with the aim of creating the ultimate guide, highlighting 51 of the coolest neighborhoods in the world.

“Simply put, the top 20 is an incredible place to be at the moment,” he said.

Sucittarini Delyana shows batik making at Puri Padi, Ubud, Saturday (1/10/2022)Sucittarini Delyana shows batik making at Puri Padi, Ubud (Photo: Ni Made Lastri Karsiani Putri/detikBali)

What was lifted from Ubud by Time Out? In addition to the beach, travelers who come to Bali are said to go directly to Nyuh Kuning Village which is famous among expatriates.

The beautiful state of Ubud is also thick with culture, which is a special concern. Existences, temples, spooky statues to monkeys and shops are the main highlights when you come there which are all side by side with rice fields and dense forests.

Ubud is the right location to start the day because of the fresh air. The attractions there are also said to be complete and the best time to visit is in November and March.

Here are the 10 Coolest Regions version Time Out for 2022:

1. Colonia Americana – Guadalajara, Mexico
2. Cais do SodrĂ© – Lisbon, Portugal
3. Wat Bo Village – Siem Reap, Cambodia
4. Ridgewood – New York City, USA
5. Mile End – Montreal, Canada
6. Barrio Logan – San Diego, USA
7. Shimokitazawa – Tokyo, Japan
8. Cliftonville – Margate, England
9. Barrio Yungay – Santiago, Chile
10. Cours Julien – Marseille, France
42. Ubud – Bali, Indonesia.

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