This is the Indonesia-China Travel Flow, Passengers Must Wear PPE!


China has opened the border for students. However, the travel protocol is still very strict. Here’s the flow.

China is still one of the countries that strictly guard its borders. Until now they have not opened the border for tourism purposes.

However, since August 22, China has begun to open its borders to international students and those who hold a valid business permit or worker visa.

August 22: Foreign students holding a valid student residence permit can now enter China. Applications for an X1 visa can also be made. People holding a valid APEC business travel card with the aim of conducting business in China can also enter China directly using the APEC card,” reads the updated information written on the China Highlights page.

Even so, China continues to implement a series of very strict health protocols for immigrants from abroad. One student from Indonesia shared his journey through TikTok.

The student, who is currently pursuing an undergraduate education at the University of Nottingham, China, named Franciscus Ario, shared his journey from before the flight to after he arrived in China.

Ario flew on September 21, 2022. He took a charter flight using Sriwijaya Air.

The video he uploaded was titled ‘Travel to China After the Pandemic’. As of Friday (30/9), the video has been watched by more than 70,000 users.

Experience traveling from Indonesia to China.Experience traveling from Indonesia to China. Photo: Screenshot (TikTok @franciscusario)

In the video Ario explains that before leaving he is required to quarantine for 3 days. Then he also had to do a PCR test twice while in Jakarta.

The first PCR was performed at 12 noon. Then followed by a second PCR at 12 pm. After being tested negative, then Ario and the other group of students left for the airport.

After arriving at the airport and entering the plane, passengers are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

“In the plane, I have to wear PPE in accordance with the wishes of the Chinese government,” explained Ario in the video.

When confirmed by detikTravel, Ario said he did not know for sure about the conditions for the use of the PPE. It’s just that his friends who fly at different times also undergo the same protocol.

“Compulsory PPE, I don’t know if it’s a Chinese government regulation or not. But yesterday
My friends who depart on September 7 and 28 are also required to wear it,” he said when contacted by detikTravel, Thursday (29/9).

This strict protocol does not only apply before and during flights. After arriving at Hangzhou International Airport, China, Ario and other passengers are required to show a green code or a statement that they have received a negative PCR result while in Indonesia.

Experience traveling from Indonesia to China.Experience traveling from Indonesia to China. Photo: Screenshot (TikTok @franciscusario)

“For Indonesia, the protocol for departing is only a health declaration from the Chinese embassy in Indonesia. When you arrive in China, you need a health declaration from the Chinese government. Then, the PCR will be carried out at the airport,” explained Ario.

Next up: repeat PCR test on arrival

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