This is the reason why motorbikes can’t be parked in the hot sun


Caring for a motorcycle not only maintains the performance of the engine and its components, but also maintains the outer part or body. A motorcycle that is always maintained will appear clean and shiny, so it is pleasing to the eye and comfortable to drive. In addition, it can also increase confidence when riding a motorcycle on the street.

The Yamaha Main Dealer PT Thamrin Brothers explained in his official statement, here are tips for maintaining a motorcycle body that can be done at home:

1. Park the motorbike in the shade

Make it a habit to park your motorbike in a shady place such as under a building, under a tree or so on, the most important thing is that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Even though it looks trivial, it turns out that the ultraviolet rays produced by the sun can damage the motor paint, especially if it was previously exposed to sunlight and then exposed to rain. Indeed, the impact is not immediately visible, but if it is too frequent, sooner or later it will have an effect on the motor body.

2. Wash the motorbike regularly

When the rainy season arrives, try to wash your motorbike regularly, because in order to maintain your appearance and comfort when carrying a motorbike. If you are a busy person, try using a motorcycle wash service.

3. Use a special shampoo for washing motorbikes

It would be nice if you use a special shampoo that is intended for washing motorcycles, so that the humidity of the motor and paint can be maintained properly and can be maintained optimally.

4. Avoid using bad quality stickers

Using and installing stickers on a motorcycle can make the motorcycle look cooler. However, in fact, the use of stickers is actually not good for the motorcycle paint itself. Why is that? Because with the use of these stickers, it can cause a former layer of paint and it can peel off too. We recommend that, if you really want to use it, try to buy and install quality stickers.

5. Use a microfiber cloth

The use of micro fiber cloth is the easiest way to treat motorcycle body paint. Simply wet the cloth using a little water and sweep it on the motorcycle body thoroughly, this aims to get rid of the fungus that is on the motor body especially when the motorbike is exposed to rain water.

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