Those of you who are still getting, don’t ever meet a Komodo!

Loh Liang

For female travelers who are menstruating, don’t ever want to meet Komodo. The result can be fatal. Remember!

Before starting trekking to explore the exoticism of Komodo National Park, usually the Naturalist Guide who will accompany your group will provide some explanations. Not only that, usually the guide will ask a very important question that must be answered honestly by the traveler.

“Anyone else here? Menstruation? Coming month?” asked Haryono Abdullah, Naturalist Guide we.

In our own group there were several women. Luckily they were all unhindered. It is important to answer this question honestly because the consequences can be dire.

Pak Yono, as our guide is familiar with, told his experience when guiding tourists from abroad that he will not forget. At that time, he was in charge of guiding foreign tourists which consisted of several men and women.

Meet Komodo dragons during mating seasonPak Yono, our guide Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

Before starting trekking, these foreign tourists were briefed and asked the same questions. The girls also said that none of them were menstruating.

However, while trekking, the group guided by Mr. Yono met Komodo. Unlike usual, this Komodo dragon suddenly became very aggressive. Pak Yono was so overwhelmed that he had to drive the Komodo dragon out so it wouldn’t attack the tourists.

Meet Komodo dragons during mating seasonKomodo on the beach Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

Investigate a calibaration, it turns out that there is one woman in the group who was menstruating, but admitted otherwise. This is what other tourists should not imitate!

“It turned out that he was lying. There was one who was menstruating, but he said he was not menstruating,” said Pak Yono.

Pak Yono said Komodo’s sense of smell was very sharp. He could smell blood up to a radius of 5 kilometers. That is why women who are menstruating should not join trekking groups because the consequences can be very dangerous.

Komodo is a very dangerous animal. Its saliva is poisonous and contains 62 types of bacteria. Once you smell the blood, the Komodo dragon will become more aggressive. Of course a traveler doesn’t want to be bitten by this ancient reptile that has existed for millions of years, right?

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