TMII retirees demand severance pay, TWC has provided bailout funds


Retired employees of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) demanded severance pay from the new manager, PT Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, Prambanan & Ratu Boko (TWC). Behind it the management is fairly complicated.

This was stated by the Director of Finance, Risk Management and HR of PT TWC, Mohamad Nur Sodiq, Friday (7/10/2022). He said, the change of hands from the Harapan Kita Foundation created problems and the latest regarding severance pay for old employees who are entering retirement.

“Then from there, PT TWC was appointed by the State Secretariat to manage Taman Mini. TWC has started managing TMII since July 2021, now the problem is the transition from the foundation to the State Secretariat, then to TWC,” he told reporters in Jakarta.

The first problem is the status of the old employees. In this case, TWC wants to strengthen its position which will only manage on July 1, 2021, but must bear the salaries of the old employees, including the severance pay.

“From the status of employees, the foundation’s employees were previously managed by TWC, now this is in the Presidential Decree and the management cooperation agreement, it must be regulated more firmly because in principle we will manage this starting July 1,” he explained.

“The outstanding issues related to severance pay do arise because the status of employees at TMII is a contractual work between them and the Harapan Kita Foundation,” he added.

“Some have worked for 20 years, 30 years, they have worked with foundations. So as of July 1, 2021, the management will be taken over by TWC,” he said again.

Director of Finance, Risk Management and HR of PT TWC, Mohamad Nur SodiqDirector of Finance, Risk Management and HR of PT TWC, Mohamad Nur Sodiq (Photo: Ahmad Masaul Khoiri/detikcom)

Because of the complexity, the severance pay for the old TMII employees is not clear whose responsibility it is. Then the TWC questioned it because it was not mentioned in the agreement.

TWC gives bailout severance pay

However, the TWC has provided severance pay bailouts. However, whether there will be a return from the State Secretariat is still unclear.

“So that’s where the dispute started. What about the severance pay for those who worked 20-30 years ago. Is that our responsibility?,” said Nur.

“There is no mention in the management cooperation agreement, so we are only responsible as of July 1, 2021 until today. But yesterday we did provide pension bailouts,” he added.

“However, because the bailout fund is a bailout, we need to have clarity. What kind of compensation will this bailout fund be given. We are currently discussing this with the State Secretariat,” he explained again.

Nur said that his party was discussing this severance pay. He said, the discussion process will not be completed in a day or two, because it involves elements in the State Secretariat, finances and so on.

“In principle, management is trying as much as possible to solve our problems, but we need clarity because if we pay something that is not our obligation according to the rules, we are SOEs, I don’t think it is appropriate,” he said.

“So the legal basis must be clear, then if we bail out the replacement, it must be clear. We are all currently managing this problem. Maybe there are fellow employees who are impatient, yes, that is dynamically reasonable. I think this is how we will do it later the way the agreement between TWC, the employee can be resolved,” he said.

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