To be safe, pay attention to this before leaving for a motorbike tour


Traveling using two-wheeled vehicles or what is commonly referred to as touring brings its own excitement. Especially if the touring is done with close friends, the sense of togetherness will increase.

Before the trip begins, usually touring lovers have prepared a number of plans such as determining the destination, the location of the resting place, the supplies to be brought, and others.

In addition to preparing a number of these things, the most important thing is to use an appropriate two-wheeled vehicle. In addition to ensuring the vehicle is in top condition, make sure the motorbike used has a number of features that support long trips, such as a large trunk, powerful engine pull, comfortable driving, and fuel economy.

One vehicle that is suitable for use when traveling is the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid – Connected. This two-wheeled vehicle has been wrapped with a number of advanced technologies and features that can support its users when traveling long distances.

“As a global motorcycle manufacturer, Yamaha is committed to continuing to innovate in an effort to support the changing needs and lifestyle trends of our loyal customers. So, we present a new model that was specially developed,” said President Director & CEO of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM). ) Minoru Morimoto in a written statement, Thursday (17/1/2022).

The product, which was launched on January 17, 2022, has been equipped with the first motor technology that useshybrid and Y-Connect. And bring technologyBlue Core Hybrid which is useful for drivers who like to travel using two-wheeled vehicles. The presence of this technology makes the engine pull more powerful and environmentally friendly. So that with this technology various kinds of uphill or downhill road conditions can be passed reliably.

Besides being powerful, in terms of fuel consumption, it is also quite efficient. Because the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid – Connected is equipped with two synergistic sources of power sourced from the engine and Electric Power Assist Start.

Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Connected Photo: Ridwan Arifin

Still related to the kitchen runway, the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid – Connected is also equipped with a One Push Start system which makes the engine start faster with just one touch. Fuel consumption is claimed to be more efficient because the vehicle engine will turn off automatically when the motor is not in use.

In addition to the kitchen runway, Yamaha also provides a touch at a number of points, one of which is seen in the fuel storage tank. In that section, Yamaha deliberately designed the bike with a fairly large tank. The reason, of course, wants to provide a sense of comfort to touring lovers when they are passing through a difficult route to find a refueling station.

The aspect of driving comfort when touring also seems to be very much noticed by Yamaha. Because the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid – Connected has been equipped with a feature that connects the smartphone with the motorcyclist through the Y-Connect application. The presence of the application is able to meet the needs of motorists, especially when they are touring or traveling long distances.

Through this feature, motorists can get some information about phone and message notification updates, parking locations, workshop recommendations, and can monitor fuel consumption levels. Through this information, motorists will easily find out the condition of the vehicle when traveling long distances. And the most important thing is to be able to regulate the condition of the rider himself so that long trips can be taken comfortably.

In addition, this motorbike is also equipped with a 17.8 L wide trunk. So that the riders can carry various items needed for touring.

Shifting to another section, Yamaha has also equipped the motorcycle with a number of features that can support the entertainment needs of the riders, such as providing an Electric Power Socket. The presence of the Electric Power Socket makes riders not have to worry about their gadgets running out of power.

The Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid – Connected is equipped with a traveling LED headlight. With the presence of these lights, motorists will feel more comfortable when traveling at night. Not only at night, the lighting is also useful when the driver is passing through the road with heavy rain conditions.

To find out detailed information about the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid – Connected, you can directly visit the official Yamaha Indonesia website or Instagram @yamahaindonesia.