Tourists Seen Skidipapap in a Transparent Swimming Pool, In fact it becomes a spectacle

Praia do Funil

A tourist couple in Brazil has been spotted skiing or having sex in their hotel’s transparent swimming pool. This action became a public spectacle. Whoops!

The indecent act was caught by the camera of a photographer who happened to be in the vicinity of the incident. Mentioned, the tourist couple was caught making love in the transparent swimming pool of their hotel in the Praia do Funil area, Brazil.

In the 30-second video clip, it can be clearly seen that the adult scene was carried out openly by a male and female couple in a swimming pool. They didn’t seem to care about their surroundings, even though it was broad daylight.

Moreover, their swimming pool glass is transparent. Other people can clearly see their sexual activity in the pool. However, they continued their skidipapap activities.

Residents who initially did not pay attention to the activity of making love, so they know and are getting closer to the location of the incident. They were also seen crowding right outside the tourist couple’s hotel room and enjoying watching the free entertainment.

Tourists Making Love in Transparent Swimming PoolTourists Making Love in a Transparent Swimming Pool Photo: (doc.Special)

Residents participated in watching the vulgar scenes that were clearly shown by the tourist couple. The hotel where the incident took place, Poufada Beachfront Inn, even helped provide clarification regarding the pornographic incident.

“The Pousada wants to make sure that we have a policy that prohibits such immoral acts. We are investigating this incident based on the facts,” reads an official statement from the hotel.

“If the act of pornography is a crime in the eyes of the law, then the tourist couple will become legal subjects and can be subject to criminal sanctions. We are ready to assist the relevant authorities with the information needed so that they can be punished,” added the hotel.

The hotel ensures that the cleanliness, hygiene and care of each hotel room will remain a top priority in their service to guests who stay, even though there are incidents like this.

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