Travel Japan 7 Days, Walk to Disneyland and Pray at Camii Mosque


Finally, the country that travelers have been waiting for has arrived. Japan re-open to foreign tourists starting June 10, 2022. Tourists from Indonesia are also allowed to come.

Japan is indeed an interesting country to visit. Japan is famous for its local hospitality, delicious food, beautiful Sakura views, or theme parks such as Disneyland and Universal Studios.

It’s not wrong, many people make Japan one of their bucket lists that they want to visit.

“During the 2 years of the pandemic, Japan was one of the countries with the strictest closing of its borders to tourists, the long-awaited good news has finally arrived. As of June 10, tourists from Indonesia are allowed to return to visit Japan“Said the Product Manager of Antavaya tour Harry Pradinata.

Referring to the information on the website of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in principle, Indonesia is included in the blue category.

Countries that are included in the blue category, where Indonesia is included in this category, have several requirements:

  • Must come with a group
  • Coming from a blue classification country for the previous 14 days
  • Vaccine Certificate is not a requirement for entry (for countries that are in blue classification)
  • No need for PCR & Quarantine when arriving in Japan
  • Maximum capacity 20,000 people per day (Tourist, Business & Student) from all over the world
  • Carry negative 72 hour PCR evidence on board

The good news, Antavaya has a tour package to Japan, namely Japan Moslem 7 days plus Disneyland & Universal Studio.

Tokyo Disneyland reopened to the public today, Wednesday (1/7).  The amusement park was previously closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.Tokyo Disneyland. Photo: AP Photo

“In addition to trying the 2 most famous playgrounds, Universal Studio and Disneyland, we will also be invited to try the Bullet Train Shinkansen train which can go up to 300 km per hour. This package also offers the opportunity to pray at Camii Mosque, Tokyo and taste halal food during the tour. For more information, please contact IG: antavaya_id website:,” said Harry.

Tokyo Camii MosqueTokyo Camii Mosque Photo: Google

Antavaya offers this package worth IDR 25 million with a minimum group size of 15 people.

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