Traveler Says Swimming in Aare River is Dangerous, Not for Beginners


The Aare River in Switzerland is widely discussed because it is the location of the disappearance of Ridwan Kamil’s son, Emmeril Khan Mumtadz or commonly called Eril. This river turns out to be dangerous for novice swimmers.

Swimming in the river has become a Swiss tradition. In addition to foreign tourists, swimming in the river is also often included in the list of activities that need to be tested. One of the most visited rivers is the Aare River in Bern.

Even though there are many tourists, swimming in the Aare River is not really safe. There have been several cases of drowning tourists there.

Quoted from the site, in 2013 at least 24 people drowned in the Aare River. According to the Swiss Lifesaving Society, the majority of the victims were young men.

Meanwhile, a number of people in the traveling community also mentioned the dangers of swimming in the Aare River. One of them is someone with Mari’s account, writing in the community column on the site in 2019.

The cathedral of Bern or Munster along side of Aare river in sunny day, Switzerland tourism Swim in the Aare River. Photo: CNN

The post also mentions the case of a young girl drowning even though she is a good swimmer. He also warns that the river has eddies that are often unpredictable for swimmers.

“Hello everyone, if anyone is heading to Bern and is tempted to swim in Aare (Rick Steves recommendation) you should know that the City of Bern has issued an advisory as the river has historically been at high and dangerous levels now,” he wrote.

“Last week a 16-year-old girl who is a very strong swimmer, drowned. There are eddies, especially around breakwaters and bridges, that can pull you down.”

“It’s beautiful for a walk (around the river), but not so good for swimming now. Thank you!” the lid.

Switzerland, Bern, Landscape, Area river.  (Photo by: Giovanni Mereghetti/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)Aree River. Photo: Giovanni Mereghetti/Getty Images

A similar appeal was also conveyed by travelers on the site. An account called Roland also says the Aare River is dangerous. He wrote it on April 8, 2022.

“The Aare River is very dangerous. If your child has never swam in a river before, I highly don’t recommend swimming! Especially not in Bern,” he wrote.

“Every year we read about a number of people drowning or accidents involving swimmers in Aare,” he said.

Another account tmynatt also warns tourists who want to swim there.

“Yes it looks fun (swimming in the Aare River). But you have to know how to get out of the river before you get carried away by the current to the dam,” he said.

Agree with Roland, the BW account also writes that tourists who will swim there must have excellent swimming skills. Swimming in the Aare River also requires high stamina.

“I swim several times a year in the Aare River when the water is warm enough. You have to know how to swim at a certain level and it takes a certain amount of stamina and strength depending on the location where you enter the water. It’s certainly not for beginners, but it’s always fun,” he wrote.

The cathedral of Bern or Munster along side of Aare river in sunny day, Switzerland tourismAree River. Photo: iStock

Until now, the search for Eril is still being carried out by the Swiss Police and the SAR team. The Indonesian Embassy in Bern and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in are also continuing to monitor the search.

Eril was reported missing by the current of the Aare River on Thursday (26/5/2022) local time. At that time, the river current was quite strong but many people also swam there.

Eril swims with her sister and her sister’s friends. Indonesian Ambassador to Switzerland Muliaman D Hadad said Eril’s sister managed to comb the river but not Eril.

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