Trouble in Paradise: Homestay in Bunaken Uneven


Bunaken National Park has become a tourist icon from Manado. It has been running for 30 years, but the problem of equitable development is still felt there.

Bunaken has been registered as a national park since 1991. With an area of ​​890 sq km, the island consists of 3 villages, namely Bunaken Negeri, Tanjung Perigi and Alung Banua.

It has become an international destination, every village in Bunaken is tourist-friendly. They greet any tourists who come there in a friendly manner.

Homestays and resorts are also scattered in the Bunakan National Park. There are many choices of lodging, depending on the traveler’s pocket.

“For foreigners, they usually live in resorts,” said Niklas Tamamekeng, Bunaken’s tour guide detikTravel.

24-hour electricity facility is one of the advantages of the resort in Bunaken.

detikTravel tries to explore the villages in Bunaken. Indeed, there are striking differences that can be seen from the east end and the west end.

Bunaken Negeri which is located in the eastern region has many homestay buildings. This homestay is built of wood in the same building style. On the front, there is the PUPR logo.

“Yes, it’s a homestay assistance from the government,” Niklas explained.

Homestays in BunakenHomestay in Bunaken Photo: Bonauli/detikcom

Niklas said there were around 30 homestays built by the government. There are homestays that are integrated with residents’ homes and are separated. However, it is the responsibility of the land owner.

Unlike Bunaken Negeri, Tanjung Parigi village is not like that. The homestay that was built did not get any help from the government.

Niklas himself who is a resident of Bunaken does not understand why the village where he lives seems to be ‘abandoned’ by the government.

“I don’t know why we weren’t given a homestay, we weren’t informed. But what is clear here is that there is no arrangement and data collection,” he said.

This equalization issue has become an open secret in Bunaken. But the residents are not too bothered, because their daily problems are much heavier.

Even though it has become a national park, Bunaken is still having trouble getting clean water and electricity supply. The electricity will go out starting at 6 am and back on at 12 noon. Residents must immediately carry out activities that require electricity, because the electricity will turn off again at 5 pm and turn on after Isha.

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