Turns out this is the right way to eat chocolate


Is the traveler including people who chew chocolate while eating it? How to enjoy it was not quite right. At least that’s according to what makes you know.

So, enjoying the chocolate is not chewed. PT Tama Cokelat Indonesia General Affair, Edwin Rinaldi, who also oversees Chocodot Garut, explained that enjoying chocolate is like drinking coffee.

In order for all the flavors contained in the chocolate to come out, the traveler must first keep it in his mouth. This example is also suitable for sipping coffee, because the after taste of coffee will come out, such as the taste of honey, chocolate to caramel.

“Enjoying chocolate is not chewed. Chocolate connoisseurs are eaten. Not chewed,” he told the detikcom team in early August 2022.

“It’s like not drinking coffee right away, but first storing it on the tongue. The coffee is only discovered by the wine, honey, caramel, because it is stored on the tongue and then swallowed,” he added.

Garut chocolate dodolGarut Chocolate (Photo: Pradita Utama/detikcom)

On the other hand, it turns out that there are still many who don’t know that chocolate actually tastes bitter. Because added milk and sugar then the taste changes.

“So cocoa is actually dark and bitter. So if it’s for children, it doesn’t come in, that’s why milk is given. So those who think sweet chocolate is wrong,” he said.

Furthermore, according to him the best chocolate for children is white chocolate. Why is that?

“If you want education, it should be like this, white chocolate is for children. That’s why there is more milk. It is more expensive because it uses cocoa fat,” explained Edwin.

“The healthy part is the fat,” he explained again.

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